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Well then maybe I'll just sit down and shut up then. ;-)


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Actually, everything in the tri-fold has already been discussed and edited
by the members who attended the meeting.

On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 9:39 AM, Ranger S <militia@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Not to sound like a nitpicking know-it-all; but while this is a great start,
I think like all writing it could benefit from some editing, and discussion.
Kind of difficult to do though, since revisions with explanations are
cumbersome to do via e-mail, and we may have dozens of people who want to
put their opinions in.  Did you have a plan for the process?




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Attached is a printable tri-fold for Badger State Volunteers.  Let me know
of any thoughts comments or rebuttals on this.  I think that this would not
be a bad thing to have handy at gun shows and other events with like-minded


Badger State Volunteers


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