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Acronym for

S ize
A ctivity
L ocation
U niform
T ime
E quipment

It is a really fast way to give basic info on an element in the
field to the next level up.

What do it all mean?

Are you freakin retarded PVT!! WHAT kinda question is that you

:)  just kiddin guys

Size?  # of personnel, vehicles, aircraft etc.  Estimate if

Activity?  What is the observed element doing?  Are they cooking?
Making camp?  breaking camp? setting artillery?  What is the
direction of their movement?  What attack are they preparing to
launch or defend?

Location?  Where the f--k are they?Use grid coordinates if you can,
reference to known points and landmarks.

Unit?  Report enemy unit.  If unknown, report distinctive featuers.
 IE uniforms, patches colored tabs, headgear, markings.

Time? Time and date activity observed.  Use Local or Zulu time.

Equipment? Report ALL equipment with activity such as weapons,
vehicles tools.  If you don't know what something is give as
detailed description as possible.

LACE report

No it's not about panties.

L iquid
A mmo
C asualty
E quipment

AFTER contact is broken and 360 security has been re established.
the squad leader (remember the squad movement lay out i went over
at the cold weather hump?  The guy in the middle.) Should
physically check with each personnel present.

He should inquire about the amount of water ammo and mission
essential equipment each member of the team has at that time.

Each member should respond with

"Gold"= i have everything i started with
"green"  i used some but i'm solid
"red" i used alot i need re supply soon
"black"  OH f--k!! i'm out!

While asking the TL should physically check the members for

So for ex

TL "how you on gear?"

member "i'm green on water, red on ammo, green on gear and i'm gold
on injuries"

The TL checks him over and sees a laceration on the back of his
foot from flak, the member doesn't feel it yet from adrenalin. So
that would change his "c" to RED as the member need immediate
attention from a medic.


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