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Hey Guys,

I am going way up north the weekend of the 21st to do a 3 day 2 night training exercise, so, depending on how badly I freeze my nads off doing that, I will decide whether I will be going on this outing. 2 weekends freezing my arse off may be more than I care for.

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Outdoor/Cold Weather Gear Testing

When: 01/29/2011 thru 01/30/2011

This is overnight and will be outside!  Bring the necessary gear to stay outside in cold temperatures.  This exercise will not be canceled due to weather as this is an exercise in dealing with unpleasant weather!
Only those who were in attendance at our last meeting will be able to come.  If anyone wishes to join us for the upcoming exercise you will need to make arrangements to meet the property owner before hand.
For those who were at the last meeting and plan to attend this exercise please send an email to badgerstatevolunteers@xxxxxxxxx for location.

Everyone has not yet subscribed to this email list yet but I want to get the ball rolling.  There might be some folks who are not familiar with cold weather survival and gear.  If anyone has questions in regards to gear, provisions etc, this will be the time to ask.  Keep in mind some simple things.  Food, Fire, Water, Shelter, Clothing!

Thank you!
Badger State Volunteers
Sapientia et veritas

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