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  • Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 14:30:22 -0600

LOL......Here's the SOP I wrote today, it looks strikingly similar to what
you just post....too weird!




*PURPOSE; To establish an orderly productive meeting environment.*

*Effected personnel; All*

·                     *All arrive at set meeting time.*

·                     *Call to order (meeting host takes lead).*

·                     *Open with the Pledge of Allegiance.*

·                     *Introductions (if new members are present).*

·                     *AAR/Minutes from last meeting.*

·                     *Questions, solutions, assignment report outs from
prior meeting.*

·                     *Topics for current meeting announced and point people

·                     *Proceed, one at a time in this format;*

*                                Point-Person - State Topic.*

*                                Say; "Save all questions for the end of the

*                                State group Benefits, Barriers to complete,
Costs if any.*

*                                Present Research.*

*                                Vote to confirm. (votes will be final by
members present or can be *

*                                  postponed)                              *

*                                Suggest what is needed to complete.*

*                                Ask for volunteers.*

*                                Set a Timeline for completion and or
payments if voted in.*

*                                Q & A session.*

·                     *Move on to next Topic following above format.*

·                     *Host takes the floor, Schedule next meeting.*

·                     *Open discussions.*

·                     *Close.*

On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 2:10 PM, <xcopdaddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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> members should bring any note taking materials, books, or other
> items for discussion they wish to have.
> I also suggest people get a copy or "Rogers rules of order" to keep
> us on subject and keep us from talking over each other.
> Meeting called to order by host.  If meeting is not at someone's
> home a designated person agreed upon by the group will act as host.
> The host or other designated person should be in charge of
> recognizing those wishing to speak on new and old business.
> Pledge of allegiance to the United States
> Opening with any pressing old business:  To include ongoing issues
> with equipment, communications, web presence, AAR's from previous
> field operations.  Mention of solutions to previous problems.
> Review of the upcoming calendar.  IE Meetings, field training,
> political rallies/ town hall meetings, elections etc.
> New business:  Introduction of new members, proposals of new
> equipment, proposal for new field operations, planning of upcoming
> events. Planning of other activities to attend, for ex gun shows,
> range training, town hall meetings.
> Intel review: What are the enemies of liberty up too? Are the
> commies in Madison on the move?  The globalists trying something
> new?  Gang bangers moving into the neighbor hood?  Let the group
> know what info you have gathered.  Please bring info if possible.
> Instruction block:  If a member has a prepared block of instruction
> on a subject this should be done here.  Questions should be
> generally held to the end.  Subject for meeting should not be
> something that requires large amounts of equipment open space.  Ex:
>  Proper field stripping of the AR-15 weapon system, Square foot
> gardening, CPR, assembly and wear of MOLLE load bearing system
> Review of instruction block and questions.
> General discussion.  Open non moderated discussion of relevant
> subjects and issues.(what we've been doing)
> Feel free to discuss.
> Writing the Field op SOP soon as i post this.
> I'll be gone for a bit after today.
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