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members should bring any note taking materials, books, or other
items for discussion they wish to have.

I also suggest people get a copy or "Rogers rules of order" to keep
us on subject and keep us from talking over each other.

Meeting called to order by host.  If meeting is not at someone's
home a designated person agreed upon by the group will act as host.
The host or other designated person should be in charge of
recognizing those wishing to speak on new and old business.

Pledge of allegiance to the United States

Opening with any pressing old business:  To include ongoing issues
with equipment, communications, web presence, AAR's from previous
field operations.  Mention of solutions to previous problems.
Review of the upcoming calendar.  IE Meetings, field training,
political rallies/ town hall meetings, elections etc.

New business:  Introduction of new members, proposals of new
equipment, proposal for new field operations, planning of upcoming
events. Planning of other activities to attend, for ex gun shows,
range training, town hall meetings.

Intel review: What are the enemies of liberty up too? Are the
commies in Madison on the move?  The globalists trying something
new?  Gang bangers moving into the neighbor hood?  Let the group
know what info you have gathered.  Please bring info if possible.

Instruction block:  If a member has a prepared block of instruction
on a subject this should be done here.  Questions should be
generally held to the end.  Subject for meeting should not be
something that requires large amounts of equipment open space.  Ex:
 Proper field stripping of the AR-15 weapon system, Square foot
gardening, CPR, assembly and wear of MOLLE load bearing system

Review of instruction block and questions.

General discussion.  Open non moderated discussion of relevant
subjects and issues.(what we've been doing)

Feel free to discuss.

Writing the Field op SOP soon as i post this.
I'll be gone for a bit after today.
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