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  • Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 14:01:07 -0600

OK, maybe one of our topics for the upcoming meeting will be to state
what each of us will bring to the table, we can figue how we're going to
crosstrain everyone as time goes on. So, from what I gather, the next
meeting should be on the 19th. I understand WonderWoman has offered to host.
Everyone should be prepared to talk about what there skills are and where
they specialize. Most will have more than one. We'll note all of it and
proceed from there...cool?

On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 1:44 PM, <xcopdaddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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> "When I was doing almost everything in this group it worked pretty
> good until I had work stuff come up that put me out for a couple of
> months.  When I came back the group had gone dead and nothing at
> all happened in my absence. There wasn't even internet chatter."
> This is exactly what i was talking about about "the indispensable
> man".  I've been that guy in several different arenas, SCA stuff,
> the MA school i worked at, to a degree (with a buddy) back in the
> PD in our side of town.
> When that guy stops pushing the whole thing stops. We can't let
> that happen. I have too much on my plate to do _all_ of this stuff,
> so does Kaje, so does, Lomax, so does Spike so does Boy Scout you
> see where i'm going.
> A point man/ project manager/ specialist or whatever on different
> projects is a great idea though.
> This is why we work as a group,  teach each other whet we don't
> know and have people who have skills that individually we don't to
> fill in the gaps in our own skill sets.   I suck at technology and
> engines, absolutely worthless on those areas, that's my big
> weakness.  Everybody has em and that's what we're here too do. Fill
> those gaps with each others help.
> On Fri, 11 Mar 2011 09:21:20 -0600 kevin Joyner
> <joynerkev@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >Exactly Lomax.  When I was doing almost everything in this group
> >it worked
> >pretty good until I had work stuff come up that put me out for a
> >couple of
> >months.  When I came back the group had gone dead and nothing at
> >all
> >happened in my absence. There wasn't even internet chatter.
> >Spike, what you
> >need to do is to wrap your head around this concept to which you
> >are not
> >familiar and figure it out.  You have tunnel vision when it comes
> >to your
> >concepts which isn't the worst thing in many cases but gets really
> >counterproductive when you keep harping and insisting on it.
> >There is a
> >reason we keep shooting it down.  First of all because we have
> >witnessed the
> >failure.  Second because as Lomax has suggested, people easily
> >become
> >dependent upon a leader.  We are a GROUP who teaches INDEPENDENCE
> >as well as
> >being able to work with a group cohesively.  Not how to follow and
> >become
> >dependent upon a leader.  What we are doing is not like everything
> >else.  WE
> >DO NOT NEED A POTATO!!!  I for one am finished playing hot potato.
> > There,
> >whew!  Somebody get me a shot of whiskey, a punching bag
> >(socialists and
> >commies count), and a ticket to some place warm. I need a
> >vacation! Haha
> >
> >Okay so since you brought it up
> >We have had Google, WRAM, Facebook, cell phone, tri square, and
> >designs to
> >move to VHF for weeks now and still not everyone is up to speed.
> >This is a financial issue plain and simple and doesn't require a
> >consensus
> >or a committee to figure that out.  Personally I'm saving up for
> >mine and
> >that's about the best we can do.  We can't force anyone to do
> >this.  I have
> >done the research that was supposed to have been done and have the
> >topic
> >ready for discussion at the next meeting.
> >
> >For example: I do not know who can or cannot get into Google.
> >Go to the google group and look to see who is a member of the
> >group.
> >Problem solved, no committee needed.  You already knew that the
> >google group
> >was invitation only because it was discussed.
> >
> >Who are the web people and is there a back up plan? Who do I pose
> >these
> >questions to? I know lets call them a potato.
> >Why should you pose your question to just one person?  We have
> >these groups
> >for a reason.  Oddly enough, that's why they are called groups.
> >If you wish
> >to address an individual then you have their email address phone
> >number
> >ect...  If you don't then ask them for it.  They'll give it to you
> >if they
> >want you to have it.  Everyone in this group has a pretty broad
> >array of
> >knowledge to be shared.  It would be a shame to narrow it down to
> >just one
> >answer from one person.
> >
> >"How many times have we turned around because of going the wrong
> >way?"
> >Well not that many times, twice I think.  The first time I let you
> >figure it
> >out because you needed to learn it.  I even mentioned it to
> >someone as we
> >were walking that we were probably going the wrong way.  But
> >that's how hard
> >lessons are learned and now is the time to learn them when we have
> >the
> >luxury of doing so without necessity.  Sounds like you learned
> >something
> >there so it's a winner.  We also got some much needed exercise out
> >of the
> >deal.  Another win!
> >The second time didn't really count.  It was just an oops my bad
> >while we
> >were heading out to McMiller.  He knew how to get there already,
> >it was just
> >human error.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 7:50 AM, lomax <chac2ook@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> >> LOL....ok french fry, consensus is a good thing, I think the
> >leadership
> >> concept, more than anything else releases the rest of the group
> >from
> >> critical thinking and people will have a tendancy to wait for
> >the leader to
> >> start some thing up. The structure concept for the meetings
> >however is
> >> easy. Anyone can set a topic for the meeting, each person that
> >comes up with
> >> a topic brings their concerns and research to the meeting and
> >takes the lead
> >> in the discussion. Personally Spike, I'm not sure what you're
> >looking for,
> >> are you looking for someone to give directives? Make
> >assignments? We seem to
> >> be moving in the right direction. So far in review, as a group
> >we have
> >> chosen and tested close quarter coms, field tested a variety of
> >gear and
> >> have decided which works best, ie; GI sleep system vs Walmart
> >Sleeping
> >> bag. We've tried a variety of foods, cooking and hydration
> >systems, and have
> >> a couple of range outings under our belts. We have decided on
> >one firm bivy
> >> point and have 2 or 3 more potential sites pending, I repeat, as
> >a group,
> >> without a Potato. Right now X is working on an SOP for future
> >outings and
> >> such and for the next meeting we can discuss an SOP for meeting
> >structure. I
> >> prefer a leaderless system only because it eliminates pissing
> >contests and
> >> because everyone has something to bring to the table and should
> >be able to
> >> take the lead in their area of expertise. Boy Scout, have you
> >asked your
> >> Grampa about us camping out on his land? Just curious.
> >>
> >>
> >> On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 2:45 AM, Joe <virtualadonis@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> >wrote:
> >>
> >>>   I say leader you say potato. WTF
> >>>
> >>> Everyone here gets what I am saying.
> >>>
> >>> I am vary pleased with the leaps our communications has made
> >since my
> >>> first meeting. We have had Google, WRAM, Facebook, cell phone,
> >tri square,
> >>> and designs to move to VHF for weeks now and still not everyone
> >is up to
> >>> speed. For example: I do not know who can or cannot get into
> >Google. We
> >>> should all be involved in setting those rules. No? Who are the
> >web people
> >>> and is there a back up plan? Who do I pose these questions to?
> >I know lets
> >>> call them a potato.
> >>>
> >>> How many times have we turned around because of going the wrong
> >way?
> >>>
> >>> Please don’t just answer here. Lets talk and make decision
> >through
> >>> consensus.
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> Structure is all we are missing. Whatever you want to call it
> >“potato”
> >>> needs to happen for us to be successful.
> >>>
> >>> The structuring of the group should be the topic of the next
> >meeting.
> >>>
> >>> Is that to much to ask? LMAO By the way; some of us could stand
> >to drop
> >>> and blast out 20. So get to it! Up down one. Up down two...
> >>>
> >>
> >>
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