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Planting and tending my 8th of an acre back yard takes a lot of
work, much less acres and acers

On Fri, 11 Mar 2011 10:22:29 -0600 lomax <chac2ook@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Hey, I,m not apposed to helping out on the farm to show my
>gratittude, let
>me know if y'all need some help with something. Does he plant,
>that would be
>an awesome meeting and we could help grampa out at the same time.
>We talk
>alot about growing and that it takes about an acre per person to
>has anyone ever actually planted an acre of land? It's a bit
>different than
>a backyard garden.
>On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 10:08 AM, Nathan C Golding
>> I have not asked my Grandpa yet about camping on his farm.  I
>was planning
>> on doing it on the 18 or the 19 of this month when I would be
>visiting him
>> and helping him cut down trees along his fence line.  I am 99%
>sure we would
>> let us camp on his land for a night or two it is just a mater of
>what we can
>> do on it and what date.  I will let you know ASAP what he says.
>> Boy Scout
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>> Exactly Lomax.  When I was doing almost everything in this group
>it worked
>> pretty good until I had work stuff come up that put me out for a
>couple of
>> months.  When I came back the group had gone dead and nothing at
>> happened in my absence. There wasn't even internet chatter.
>Spike, what you
>> need to do is to wrap your head around this concept to which you
>are not
>> familiar and figure it out.  You have tunnel vision when it
>comes to your
>> concepts which isn't the worst thing in many cases but gets
>> counterproductive when you keep harping and insisting on it.
>There is a
>> reason we keep shooting it down.  First of all because we have
>witnessed the
>> failure.  Second because as Lomax has suggested, people easily
>> dependent upon a leader.  We are a GROUP who teaches
>INDEPENDENCE as well as
>> being able to work with a group cohesively.  Not how to follow
>and become
>> dependent upon a leader.  What we are doing is not like
>everything else.  WE
>> DO NOT NEED A POTATO!!!  I for one am finished playing hot
>potato.  There,
>> whew!  Somebody get me a shot of whiskey, a punching bag
>(socialists and
>> commies count), and a ticket to some place warm. I need a
>vacation! Haha
>> Okay so since you brought it up
>> We have had Google, WRAM, Facebook, cell phone, tri square, and
>designs to
>> move to VHF for weeks now and still not everyone is up to speed.
>> This is a financial issue plain and simple and doesn't require a
>> or a committee to figure that out.  Personally I'm saving up for
>mine and
>> that's about the best we can do.  We can't force anyone to do
>this.  I have
>> done the research that was supposed to have been done and have
>the topic
>> ready for discussion at the next meeting.
>> For example: I do not know who can or cannot get into Google.
>> Go to the google group and look to see who is a member of the
>>  Problem solved, no committee needed.  You already knew that the
>> group was invitation only because it was discussed.
>> Who are the web people and is there a back up plan? Who do I
>pose these
>> questions to? I know lets call them a potato.
>> Why should you pose your question to just one person?  We have
>these groups
>> for a reason.  Oddly enough, that's why they are called groups.
>If you wish
>> to address an individual then you have their email address phone
>> ect...  If you don't then ask them for it.  They'll give it to
>you if they
>> want you to have it.  Everyone in this group has a pretty broad
>array of
>> knowledge to be shared.  It would be a shame to narrow it down
>to just one
>> answer from one person.
>> "How many times have we turned around because of going the wrong
>> Well not that many times, twice I think.  The first time I let
>you figure
>> it out because you needed to learn it.  I even mentioned it to
>someone as we
>> were walking that we were probably going the wrong way.  But
>that's how hard
>> lessons are learned and now is the time to learn them when we
>have the
>> luxury of doing so without necessity.  Sounds like you learned
>> there so it's a winner.  We also got some much needed exercise
>out of the
>> deal.  Another win!
>> The second time didn't really count.  It was just an oops my bad
>while we
>> were heading out to McMiller.  He knew how to get there already,
>it was just
>> human error.
>> On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 7:50 AM, lomax < chac2ook@xxxxxxxxx >
>> LOL....ok french fry, consensus is a good thing, I think the
>> concept, more than anything else releases the rest of the group
>> critical thinking and people will have a tendancy to wait for
>the leader to
>> start some thing up. The structure concept for the meetings
>however is easy.
>> Anyone can set a topic for the meeting, each person that comes
>up with a
>> topic brings their concerns and research to the meeting and
>takes the lead
>> in the discussion. Personally Spike, I'm not sure what you're
>looking for,
>> are you looking for someone to give directives? Make
>assignments? We seem to
>> be moving in the right direction. So far in review, as a group
>we have
>> chosen and tested close quarter coms, field tested a variety of
>gear and
>> have decided which works best, ie; GI sleep system vs Walmart
>Sleeping bag.
>> We've tried a variety of foods, cooking and hydration systems,
>and have a
>> couple of range outings under our belts. We have decided on one
>firm bivy
>> point and have 2 or 3 more potential sites pending, I repeat, as
>a group,
>> without a Potato. Right now X is working on an SOP for future
>outings and
>> such and for the next meeting we can discuss an SOP for meeting
>structure. I
>> prefer a leaderless system only because it eliminates pissing
>contests and
>> because everyone has something to bring to the table and should
>be able to
>> take the lead in their area of expertise. Boy Scout, have you
>asked your
>> Grampa about us camping out on his land? Just curious.
>> On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 2:45 AM, Joe < virtualadonis@xxxxxxxxxxx
>> wrote:
>> I say leader you say potato. WTF
>> Everyone here gets what I am saying.
>> I am vary pleased with the leaps our communications has made
>since my first
>> meeting. We have had Google, WRAM, Facebook, cell phone, tri
>square, and
>> designs to move to VHF for weeks now and still not everyone is
>up to speed.
>> For example: I do not know who can or cannot get into Google. We
>should all
>> be involved in setting those rules. No? Who are the web people
>and is there
>> a back up plan? Who do I pose these questions to? I know lets
>call them a
>> potato.
>> How many times have we turned around because of going the wrong
>> Please don’t just answer here. Lets talk and make decision
>> consensus.
>> Structure is all we are missing. Whatever you want to call it
>> needs to happen for us to be successful.
>> The structuring of the group should be the topic of the next
>> Is that to much to ask? LMAO By the way; some of us could stand
>to drop and
>> blast out 20. So get to it! Up down one. Up down two...
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>> freeman lomax
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>> am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep
>> with the sheep. I will hear not those who weep
>> and complain, for their disease is contagious. Let
>> them join the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure
>> is not my destiny.
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