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Now you get the potato concept! 
Everyone does not need to be there if the paper goes out that everyone can 
read. Then if they have a problem they have a person to contact (Potato) to see 
what can be done.

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We should also keep a file on all of this, readily available for reference and 
copies available to hand out. And yes, somehow we need to get meetings so 
everyone can be there. We had an every 2 week schedule, how can we set this up 
so people can keep it?

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        then everyone needs to be their not a few... 

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          All this is good stuff. However not everyone is reading or paying 
attention to this. All of this should be discussed in a meeting and what is 
agreed on then put out to the people. Thus the need for structure we will all 
be on the same page.

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          We had a few problems last time

          Nuttin big

          Field training op SOP:

          All those participating should bring FULL BOB and line gear to all
          field ops unless otherwise instructed.  To include minimum field
          gear (See WRAM posted gear list). Firearm and target ammo. Clothing
          appropriate to conditions. Head gear, body armor, load carry
          equipment, field knife ect.  Not all items will always be used, but
          this will prevent people missing out on training because they
          didn't bring gear.

          Comms:  1 radio (of the agreed style and system) per 2 persons
          should be brought to all outdoor operations.  Radios should be
          charged and in working order.

          Medic:  EVERYONE shall bring a personal first aid kit.  At least 2
          "squad" level 1st aid kits should be present.  1 carried by the
          designated medic. 1 as a backup.

          Personnel shall meet at agreed time in agreed muster point.
          Head count shall be taken and radios/ medical equipment/ other
          equipment handed out as needed.

          Movement to training area should be done as an organized march,
          Either as a file (esp if in public view) or in wedge patrol

          When training area is reached group shall fan out and sweep area
          and set up 360 security before conducting training.

          NON group movement should be done in buddy teams for safety and
          tactical reasons.  No one should ever go anywhere alone.

          Training block: Training should be laid out in advance if
          particular equipment is required. Rappelling gear, tools, camp
          gear, flash lights, paintball guns etc.

          Training blocks should be organized in a "crawl" basic info "walk"
          very basic practice "run" full speed blocks for safety and ease of
          under standing.  ABOVE all safety should be a top priority of all

          NO illegal activities should ever be advocated by training.

          Instruction should be conducted without interruption for
          efficiency, instructors should however pause as often as is
          practical, to allow for questions.

          At each field training op it would be optimal to conduct 3 blocks
          of training.  Each block should, be integrally related to one
          another if at all possible.

          Security: For practice at field exercises during instruction 2
          members should be providing simulated over watch.  This should
          rotate, through buddy teams in blocks of time evenly distributed
          through the buddy teams. Unless other wise designated.

          for water/ bathroom/ ect should be offered approx every hour.  Mid
          day a field kitchen should be set up in some manner and field
          cooking/ mess should be conducted in "bug out mode" if at all
          possible.  Attention should be paid to not giving away location by
          noise, smoke, waste ect while cooking if at all possible.

          At conclusion of training block personnel should discuss training
          and relevant issues to the general group, but security should be
          continued through the duration of the operation for training
          purposes.  Location sec should also be attempted to be kept through
          noise, light, smoke discipline whenever possible.

          close of training:
          The area should be policed for any and all garbage or items that
          would violate OPSEC. Extraction and egress from training area
          should follow the same procedures as entry.

          Borrowed equipment should be returned to owner or to group supply.
          LACE (Liquid Ammo Casualty Equipment) report should be verbally
          taken for future reference as to set up parameters of supply needs,
          individual hazards equipment needs ans the like.

          Head count should again be taken before dismissal of personnel.

          AAR: At least 1 after action report should be generated for each
          Field training operation by at least 1 designated participant and
          any other person who wishes to write one.  Basic summary of the
          activities, problems encountered, solutions found, any other events
          of significance should be noted. 3 things to sustain and 3 things
          to improve should be submitted.  The report(s)should be reviewed at
          the next planning meeting (non field meeting).  Format should
          follow previous ex if possible.

          Discuss adjust as yall wish.

          That's what i can come up with with a sleeping baby on me.
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