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Additional Info on Surveillance by TPTB / Letter From Listener

September 16, 2011


First and foremost, I thank God that you and other people like you are sharing info and insight for those of us that would otherwise be fumbling in the dark rather than pressing ahead with preparation and plans for overcoming, not just surviving.
I live in Texas, and was at a family gathering at which one of the extended family present is a Texas Stranger. ( didn't want to flag this email so I used a homonym-you can spell it out- if you choose to share. I just wanted to make sure you recieve this.)
We were all sitting outside enjoying the cool of the evening and having drinks and talking. The subject got around to the uptick in "No refusal" checkpoints in the state at which they draw blood (whether or not the person is willing) from suspected driving while intoxicated people who refuse to blow into breathalyzer. Family members were voicing their ignorance of their rights while spewing their position on the matter. I could not let an opportunity to "educate" such a large group on the correct and Constitutional way to frame this issue and what is wrong with it. Some of the family members were getting upset by what I said, as my position of illegal detention for those who have done nothing wrong except driving thru the wrong street at the wrong time and what about the 5th Amendment and the right to not self incriminate.
To dissuade the tension, my Texas Stranger relative tried to change the subject. He said he had to admit that some rights were being stepped on, but that "some" good was coming out of it. Then he blurted out "That he was actively using something in the course of his duties and liking using it even though he felt in his gut that it was not right". He then asked if any of us had heard about the new cruisers being outfitted with cameras that can read 5000 car license plates per hour. Only a couple of hands went up (I was one). He then explained what it is for those who had not heard of it. After this, he said this "new tool" was proving to make his job much easier.
Cruisers (and I guess unscrupulous government contractors too per the letter form listener), drive anywhere and everywhere logging two things about each plate. First the plate and who owns it and secondly the GPS location of the plate pictured and the time of day. According to him, this all goes into a database and is stored for mining later, as needed, as well as constantly being updated. Later, if a situation arises in which they are looking for John Q Public, they access the database and to see that at 8 am a car with a certain tag is a this place, 12 noon it goes to this place, and this tag spends its nights at this place. So he is able to ascertain a persons daily routine and when they will probably be at a particular location. He said it makes his job much easier.
So again, even if you are doing nothing wrong, your personal routine is now part of a database. This will only get worse I fear as more cruisers (and more unscrupulous contractors too I suppose) will be outfitted with this Orwellian apparatus which means the database will get more and more all encompassing and complete.
Perhaps there is an opportunity here to sell some sort of license plate cover to masks your plate while car turned off.

Again, thank you for all you do and may God Bless You,

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