[bactttoma] solona.net again sorry folks

  • From: steven taylor <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bactttoma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 18:02:06 +1000

Hi folks.

I can't speak for windows users what I can say is there are windows users out 
there using this program.

I will speak for the Mac version, it's the only one I am using.

Although I am speaking for the Mac version only, this is not a marketing 
campaign to get you to buy a Mac please.


Point your browser to www.solona.net.

On this page you will find a downloads link.

Now select the operating system you want the program for.

If it is windows it is an e x e file you should get.

It is free to download.

Ok for Mac users, download the dmg file.

Ok for windows users, it should be a matter of running the e x e  file once and 
that's it.

It's a little different for Mac users.

Mac users have to run a program called terminal.

Open terminal on your Mac.

Now in the downloaded folder called solona  there is a text file.

Open this file do nothing to edit it whatsoever.

Select the entire file with command a control a I think it is for windows 
users, although windows users  shouldn't have to do this process and if you do, 
please let vip-l list know.

Ok so copy that file you selected to the clipboard and paste it to terminal.

Now close the terminal program.

Ok now re-open terminal.

Now read your screen carefully, and you will notice a log.

If this log exists, this means you were successful and you turned this program 
in to an executable file.

Ok so now to use the program.

Assuming you get a request from face book to add a friend.

Open face book and go the image verification box.

Now only select the boxThis is a little hard to do but here are keystrokes for 
Mac users only.

Select the box by pressing command shift p for the box.

Now copy the box to your clipboard.

Now open the program in terminal mode on the mac.

Now save the clipboard to your desktop as an image.

Now the program is looking for the image on the desktop.

The program takes the image and sends it to a volunteer.

I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a response yet.

Now I have opened my email as well.

Terminal is alerting me to a new window and So now I command tab or alt tab to 

The text characters are on the first line of the text on a line all  by 

I simply select these copy them to the clipboard.

Then I command tab to safari and paste the clipboard in to the box with the 
text characters and submit the characters to the face book page.

Low and behold I am told I have confirmed my friend is added and face book now 
sends me an email confirming this.

I am not afraid to say this, this service is brilliant, and when my finances 
have recovered, I will be sure to send these hard working volunteers in the U S 
some money because this service is fantastic.

As for other operating systems, I have no idea if this program works, windows 
users tell me they use it, so can only assume it works in a similar manner but 
of course, I don't know.



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