STAY-at-home parents and carers would receive the minimum wage plus superannuation under a policy put forward by a new political party.
The Parents, Families and Carers Party - to be launched today - will field Senate candidates in every state at the next federal election.
Convener Vern Hughes said the party aimed to recruit 10,000 members and hoped to be a grassroots force in Australian politics.
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''Our goal is to represent the voiceless parents, families and carers of Australia,'' he said.
''We are the bedrock social unit in our country … yet we have no voice in our nation's affairs.
''We are unrepresented in parliaments and excluded from public decision-making. Our goal is to change this and shift the balance of power in society.''
In a six-point manifesto, the party outlines its policies to give parents who are the primary carer of a child aged under six a parent living allowance of $544 a week. The tax-free payment would be available to households with a gross income of less than $100,000 and would replace the family payment and the baby bonus.
The living allowance would also be available to carers of the sick, aged or disabled aged over 16. Recipients of both payments would receive superannuation at a rate of 9 per cent.
The party also wants six-week respite entitlements for carers, a $2000-a-year advocacy voucher for parents and carers to access support services and a $2000 one-off payment for every child for learning technologies such as computers.
Mr Hughes said the party aimed to overwhelm the powerful political interests that have ''captured our parliaments'' with numbers.