[bactttoma] buy swap sell give away list guidelines please read

  • From: steven taylor <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bactttoma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 11:16:10 +1000

Hi to all folks here.

This file is about to go  to the files section however, please read.

There are only 3 restrictions for buying, swapping, selling and or giving away 
things on this list.

1.  Cars, property and material containing offending language or pornography, 
or racist or illegal activities is strictly forbidden for advertising on this 
list.  Both the offending adds and the offending parties will be immediately 
removed for any breaches of this restriction.
2.  Home addresses and price negotiations replies must only be sent to the 
original sender and not the whole list please.
3.  The product must be  in working order, and you must insure full 
responsibility is taken to only sell, swap or give away  working products.  Of 
course, if it gets broken through posting the product, the person buying or 
getting the product should take responsibility for necessary repairs.

Apart from that, I see no reason for restrictions.

Keep in mind however, if you are really going to sell a freezer unit here, 
people may not buy it because of transport costs.

So please be sensible with what you are going to buy, swap, sell or give away.

Some things to keep in mind when advertising products.

1.  Be sure to mention the brand name and model of the product.
2.  Be sure to mention what this product has or does and or what you used the 
product for.
3.  Be sure to mention accessibility and or inaccessibility related issues.
4.  If the product has pictures, example a book, be sure to mention this.
5.  Be sure to mention the price, this means if you are swapping the product 
for something else, be sure to mention a few products you will consider for 
6.  Be reasonable in price negotiations and carefully consider all reasonable 
7.  If you are re-advertising a product which is permitted on this list, lower 
the price and tell us more about the product.  Remember, the more we know, the 
easier it will be for us to understand what we might be buying or getting or 
swapping for.
8. If the product is a computer, be sure to tell us the operating system the 
hardware, screen reader if any, and software if any.

Re-advertising products is also permitted on this list.

You are permitted to give your telephone number on list.

It is advised that if you are doing this, a mobile phone number is given, this 
will save people ringing your home phone at 3 in the morning.

If you have any comments about these list guidelines, please feel free to 
comment on list or to me privately.

My email address is.

Thank you for reading.

Steven Taylor.

List owner.

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