[bactttoma] Re: best internet plans broadband tas

  • From: taylor family <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bactttoma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 20:40:02 +1000

From Steven Taylor.


Try a a p t very good plan 99 dollars  a month includes unlimited upload and 
download and home line rental and unlimited local calls plus 50 dollars a month 
of music downloads.

Next try internode for 89 dollars a month 50 gigs limit no upload limits.

Also consider optus they have a similar plan to a a p t.

Another one to consider don't actually know if this is available in Tasmania is 
tpg 49 dollars a month unlimited uploads and downloads no home phone required.

Warning tech support for tpg is not absolutely Australian based.

Telstra has a 25 gig plan 79 dollars a month but 49 a month if you have an 
existing home phone.

Note the 25 gigs includes uploads and downloads and when you reach 12.5 gig 
they slow down the speed to half.

Optus has a pre paid broadband solution 50 dollars for 3 gig a month, not much 
gig space I know but very good price.

Three mobile note call centre not based in australia has a 6 gig a month plan 
for 19.95 dollars a month but be warned this is on top of a three mobile plan 
for calls.

If you really want a good mobile  broadband plan vodafone has a 12 gig one for 
29 dollars a month again on top of a 29 dollars a month calls plan.

Iinet is another provider with good plans but don't have prices here my 



On 10/05/2010, at 10:00 AM, Marvin Hunkin wrote:

> hi.
> whcih plans are the best.
> need more then 5 gb.
> which ones are really good.
> and which ones in tasmania.
> we have three machines on a wireless router.
> paying $49 per month with primus.
> looking for a better deal.
> marvin.

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