[bactttoma] Will your local bakery really be selling home made pies? A potentially disturbing scam exposed. By Ben Matthews.

  • From: steven taylor <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 10:55:57 +1000

The next time you the pie loving customer pay a visit to your local bakery, well, you know the ones, Rosemary's cake shop, Ben's party bakery, Joe's bread shop, Rita's buns bakery, you should really be asking your local bakery exactly where they are getting and or making their home made pies.

Reliable information and sources indicate that local bakeries all over Australia are queueing up, pushing one another over to be the first in line, to sign a heads of agreement with Mrs. Macs Pies company.

In the good old days, actually, not all that long ago, you would drive miles to your local and or favourite bakery in the quest for the perfect home made pie. You know the ones I'm talking about. The wheat came from the local farm, the butter from his neighbours cow, the meat from another cow down the road and so on. You would go out of your way for the taste, your baker would bake them just right, plenty of filling, the real taste of real ingredients and so on.

And what is more, you would buy a pie to eat and take another dozen home for snacks and you the customer remained as loyal as you could, because you swore the bakery had the best home made pies in the whole country.

Well, Mrs. Macs is changing all of that and what's more, the bakeries are falling over to sign up and get onboard. Well, think about this for a moment pie lovers of Australia. It will cost the bakery less, they will be given a set recipe and set ingredients, and they will bake what Mrs. Macs has conveniently called an exclusive line of bakery made pies.

However customers, please don't allow yourselves to be fooled here please. Mrs. Macs will get the cheapest ingredients they can find which means provided they follow regulations, they can import the ingredients. What this means is this. Gone are the days the butter comes from your farmers local cow, the wheat won't come from his neighbour and the local butcher won't be supplying the meat any more.

And what is more, the bakery may still claim the new line of pies is home made simply because they were baked on the premises of the bakery itself.

Customers, if home made pies are being targeted, and you can be sure that they are, this then now leaves the doors wide open for cakes, bread, and anything else your bakery makes and calls home made.

And the worst thing about this disturbing potential scam is this. Don't think for a minute your bakery will pass the savings they make to you the pie eating and pie loving customer, they can just simply replace one home made pie they use to make with another from a set recipe and set ingredients and maybe, you the customer would be none the wiser.

Customers, think about this. Provided the bakery gets the recipe right, they can make the pies taste home made even if the ingredients happen to come from China and or somewhere like that.

But this is a disturbing and potential scam. This scam rivals those pulled by red rooster with their so called fish burger which had imported fish, the rabbit for chicken replacement scam run in Australia by kfc, the scam pulled by dominoes pizza when it thought it could get away with smaller sized pizzas and the list goes on and on.

Customers, pie lovers of Australia, don't allow your local bakeries to get away with this scam please. Tell them what you think by not buying their products.

And what's more, if your local bakery is incapable of making their own versions of home made pies from home grown ingredients, the question must be asked, should they really be called bakeries any more? I think my answer is definitely no way.

Ben Matthews.

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