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  • Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2010 10:38:52 +1000

Hi folks.

Here are some great ways to directly access your favourite radio stations 
online, that is if you don't have a digital radio yet, or digital radio isn't 
available in your area.


This gives you access to the home page of grandstand from the abc.

What's more, you can even access the 2 digital grandstand stations, find out 
what is scheduled for broadcast, read reviews, and get the latest news and 
scores for a wide range of sports.


Gives you direct access to radio national from the abc and has some interesting 
podcasts of radio national programs including book reviews, background briefing 
and more.


Has just undergone major improvements even allowing you now to select what news 
you want to hear, includes audio video and podcasts and you can even set 
personal preferences now.


You can access any tripple m radio station from this site, there are podcasts 
here of various programs.


Want to listen to the latest music releases, this is the site to do so.  This 
allows you to access any nova station online, what's more, there are podcasts 
here as well.


Gives you access to 3aw and all of its sister stations as well.

www.abc.net.au/fmclassic or www.abc.net.au/classical

Listen to classical music from abc fm classic find what was played what is 
playing now and now has 2 daily podcasts.


If you want to hear vfl coverage on Saturday or Sunday then starting this 
weekend, this is the station for you.  They broadcast 2 matches each weekend.

This station is a community station in Kranbourne Victoria, coverage is 
excellent I'm told.


This station broadcasts sport and or sports related stuff 24 hours a day all 
year round.

This station has a really good rss feed section for latest news.

There are also podcasts from a link here called sportsentral.com

Note, there is fine print on this site at the moment only 750 listeners can be 
online and listening  to the live stream at any one time.

The station is aware of this, and I am assured by the station  manager Barry 
Quick that this issue is being fixed as I write.

You can also listen to the second digital station, note, only used for soccer 
games at present.


Fox fm official site.

Includes podcasts the best one is still Hamish and Andy even though I had to 
show them that an iphone could be used by a blind person.

This isn't one of my favourite stations any more, can't stand their Melbourne 
breakfast show, especially these got ya calls, drive me mad actually.


This site isn't what I would call accessible, but they are aware of the issues 
and I am assured they are going to change the layout of this site in June, so 
will have to wait and see with that.


The old 3 k z station now called gold.

There are podcasts for the breakfast show and the afternoon show here and the 
competitions are extremely easy to join and access.

Ok here are a couple of overseas websites.


If you are in to listening to audio books, plays, dramas, comedy and more, this 
is the station for you.

You can select your favourite podcasts here as well as listen live.

If you are going to enter the competitions, check the conditions carefully 
because not all competitions are for people outside the UK.


This is a great site.  It is for the national public radio in the US.

This site has heaps of stuff, useful links, pod casts videos and audio and more.


New Zealands version of sports radio.


All the UK sport you could ever want or need.

This site has 2 channels 5 live and 5 live extra.

Podcasts, scores, news, reviews, videos, and more.

And finally.


This is my all time favourite website.

You get just about anything and everything here.

Everything is totally accessible even the software download works but you don't 
need the software it's free to listen, note, if you do get the software, you 
get less commercials, the ability to record audio streams, not to mention the 
ability to create playlists in itunes and windows media player and real player.

The software download was free when I downloaded it but can't speak if they 
have changed it have not listened since my Mum died.



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