[bactttoma] Victorian Transport Meetings I had with minister and opposition transport spokespersons report.

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  • Date: Sat, 1 May 2010 10:50:36 +1000

Hi folks.

Here it is finished at last.

It needs to be pointed out here, we are in an election year here in Victoria.

Politicians on all sides of politics have been known to look after number one 
even to disregard the policies of their own parties, just in the attempt to 
hold their seats in parliament.

We should all therefore be cautious about things said, promises made, and most 
importantly of all, if the politicians tell you they never said this or that, 
they may have said something to somebody, and then turn around and say 
something completely different take Gordon Brown the British Prime Ministers 
latest example.

So the report appears to be short in content, but I am under instructions not 
to disclose to much of what was said, after all, I don't need off list private 
email saying Steven he told me he never said this to you.

In truth, we picked the worst year to raise the transport issues, everyone 
throughout the industry is looking after themselves they want to be either 
elected and or re-elected at the next state election.

To put it another way, the unions want labor elected, the stake holders don't 
care less, the ptua here is on the public record of saying they want an 
alternative government etc.  I hope you are getting the picture.

Ok so here is the report, my sincere apologies if list members of the vip-l 
list think it's outside the scope of this list, I will only take part in 
discussions either privately or on the bactttoma list.

Two meetings took place on Tuesday 27/04/2010.

One was with the current Victorian transport minister and the other was with 
the opposition spokesperson for Victorian transport.

Three issues were raised at each meeting.

In short, I got little joy or policy out of the opposition transport 

We discussed, audio announcements, station access, and last minute changes to 
departures for v-line trains.

I sat there for an hour asking questions and listening to answers.

Regardless of my political views, I found this persons answers nothing but 

He made no attempt to say he researched anything I was asking him, seemed to 
have no policies, and seemed to think I was completely wrong about the 
meaningless tactile at Southern Cross even though I had a detailed map showing 
where it goes which is nowhere.

He pretended to care about the audio announcements, he was only interested in 
the lift situation at the city loop.

Don't hold your breath, if he is elected, he said, he would fix this he had 
contact with the wheel chair groups and he would fix it if he was elected as 
transport minister.

He ranted on about myki the new ticketing system for 20 minutes of the meeting, 
and this was despite me telling him politely, I didn't need to use the 
ticketing system on account I have a national travel pass.

Oh he said myki is gone if he is elected and he said he would conduct a 
thorough inquiry in to how the money was wasted in the first place.

If this person wants my vote, he will need to show a little more concern for 
serious issues like the ones I raised.

I should point out here, my current state member of parliament is labor but no 
I didn't vote for him personally.

The meeting with the minister was a little more joyful.

Whether I agree with his political views or not, by the way, I have not decided 
who I am voting for in the next state election here, I did manage to make 
somewhat I hope is serious progress with existing audio announcements, to put 
this correctly, the lack thereof.

The minister showed really genuine interest in fact I will go on public record 
anywhere and any time to say he was genuinely disturbed.

The last thing he wanted and this is my words not his was people who are blind 
stranded and his office having to front civil courts for damages.

My daughter was with me in both meetings and I trust her judgement.  If she 
says to me he looked disturbed, then I'll back her all the way.

He certainly sounded extremely disturbed anyway.

He promises he will do everything in his powers to look at this issue and 
permanently fix it for good.

Now having said that, no commitment was made as to how long we will have to 
wait for him to look at the audio announcements issue or to "fix it for good 
permanently" but he said this sincerely enough so hopefully, this happens 
sooner rather than later.

He was puzzled at the tactile going nowhere, said that he would make an inquiry 
but committed to nothing else.

He said money was a problem and the loop couldn't be improved right now.

Want my 2 cents worth, it's not on their priority list.

As for v-line last minute changes, I got the worst excuse I have ever heard and 
I have heard some real doozies from v-line themselves.

The excuse isn't worth repeating it was rubbish a 2 year old would have told 
him so.

Ok so for the next step.

The next step is that I have yesterday received a letter from the Victorian 
Equal Opportunities Commission, for what they call an initial conciliation 
hearing taking place May 25, 2010.

Advice I have received says I need at least 2 issues and no more for this 

The letter tells me that people from various parts of the Victorian Transport 
industry will be there.

After careful consideration and talking to people in the know, I am going to 
hammer the audio announcements issue as the first issue.

As for the second issue and here is where I now need your help please.

I need to know please if any of you are using train stations, tram stops or bus 
stops where there are no tactile ground indicators.

I need please a description of these locations and I need these descriptions to 
come from Victorian blind residents.

You do not have to include any personal details, although your first name and 
surname would be helpful please.

As I am totally blind, my preference is braille correspondents, but if you 
can't braille it, hard copy print from a printer is the preference please.  And 
please keep the fonts as plain as possible.

So the second issue will be the lack of tactile indicators.

I hate to ask but I need a letter from Vision Australia and Blind Citizens 
Australia please as well.

This letter needs to say why tactile indicators are necessary and what the 
benefits of tactile indicators are to people who are blind or vision impaired.

I need all this correspondents please by  no later than May 21 this year.

Yes, it is the worst year to get these issues fixed, but if the Victorian 
community are serious, we need these issues fixed and as soon as possible.

I can't talk about my next course of action should I not get this 
correspondents or the conciliation's hearing fails and or both.

I have a fair idea what I will do in the event if one or the other or both do 
not happen, but I will wait to see how this action goes first.

I am not asking for finances folks, however, please be aware, this is going to 
cost me a considerable amount especially if the conciliation's actions fail.

I really do please please need your letters of support please.

My home address is.

Steven Taylor.

U11/44-50 Phillip Street
Melton South Victoria 3338 Australia.

If you need help with the wording of the letters, despite my poor grammar, I 
can help you at least with what types of descriptions I need in your letters.

You can call me on the following phone numbers.

Home.  03 9 7 4 7 8 0 6 7.

Mobile.  04 07 3 0 7 1 1 1.

You can email me at.


I thank you all in advance for your correspondents and continuing support.



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