[bactttoma] Tips for buying items for sighted parents, family members friends and relatives

  • From: steven taylor <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 09:17:22 +1000

Hi folks.

Here are a few tips for buying things for sighted people for example your 
parents, family members, friends and relatives.

In this example, I am going to discuss buying a television.

First things first.

Let's insure there's enough money in the budget for this purchase.

Second, let's go shopping with several stores.

Now here is a tip.

If you want to surprise the person you are buying the television for, take 
another sighted person and make them promise they won't tell the intended 

Ok take a look at quite a few models of televisions.

If you are buying for older people, look for remote controls which have easy to 
read and navigate buttons.

Sighted people like good picture quality, so look for something with good 
picture quality.

Ask the store if you and your sighted friend can have a look at the manual for 
the television.

Ok after shopping around and looking and insuring you have something in your 
price range, make the purchase.

Another tip, get the store to send a technician to install the product for you.

This will add to the price, but it's totally worth the extra money.

Ok so the television is now with the person who it was intended for your 

Now how do we access the manual?

There are several solutions.

Vision Australia will braille and or put the manual in large print for you.  
Note, I don't use this service myself, so can't speak to how much it is or how 
long this takes.

Get a sighted person to read through the screen layouts for you and have a note 
taking device handy.

If you have a scanner and ocr package, scan the manual and have your screen 
reader read it for you.

Another solution for putting your manual in braille is to scan it to your 
computer, send it as email to your own email address and then go online to this 


After you create an account here, you can send your manual as a letter to 
yourself, and the prices are extremely cheap and reasonable.

In about a week, you get the whole manual back in braille and what's more the 
braille format of your choice.

What about ways of connecting vcr or dvd players can this be done without 
sighted assistance.

If you are doing this for the very first time, in other words straight out of 
the box for a new product, the answer is no.

But wait, because there are more solutions.

When connecting up a new dvd or vcr player.

Find a sighted person who knows how to do this.
Ask the sighted person to explain the cables to you.

You should find what is called an a v cable.  A V stands for audio fissile.

This cable has 2 red ends, 2 yellow ends and 2 white ends.

They are labelled but be aware the print is quite small.

Now get hold of some good sticky tape and sissers.

Ok stick one piece of tape to the yellow cable.

Stick 2 pieces to the red cable.

Leave the white cable blank.

Now you need small pieces for the back of your new player.

Do the same steps you did with the cables?

Sighted assistance is strongly recommended.

Ok now insure you and the sighted person correctly find the right connection 
for the right colour.

Ok now go to your dvd or vcr audio visual channel on your tv.

Tip, if this  is hard to get to, ask your sighted assistant to save it as a 
favourite channel from the tv onscreen menu.

Now insert vcr tape or dvd.

Now play.

And now it should work.



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