[bactttoma] Steven Taylor's 2 cents worth re: bookshare and abwa agreement/s

  • From: taylor family <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bactttoma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 16 May 2010 09:44:12 +1000

From Steven Taylor.

I have thought long and hard about sending this email, but it is time to remind 
people of a few things  so here goes.

No doubts people  will think I am still whining, actually I am not, I am  just 
reminding people of a few things.

Folks, seriously, the fee you pay abwa on top of  the bookshare  access fee, 
doesn't  actually exclusively service the  bookshare and ABWA agreement it only 
services Western Australian blind users, now tell me please, even though Vision 
Australia doesn't have an office in WA, does Vision Australia totally exclude 
WA blind clients from its services?

Clearly, the answer is no as SEDA are now servicing WA clients and there is and 
is there not a heads of agreement between SEDA and Vision Australia?

No congratulations to the abwa for charging out of WA State residents an 
unnecessary joining fee which only services WA blind clients and not the actual 
bookshare agreement, but yes congrats for the bookshare agreement itself, just 
don't expect  every blind person outside WA to pay an extra fee to an agency 
who only services one states blind clients please.

And where were abwa, bca and Vision Australia when we had that ridiculous 
situation where bookshare and humanware were including inaccessible software on 
Australian braillenotes?

Nowhere to be heard, but in abwa's case, still holding out its hand for WA 
blind clients to pay a fee were they not?

And now abwa is holding out its hand again for what they call full access but 
remember the actual fee only services blind clients in one state and nowhere 
else remember that please.

Oh and right so now I don't have to join the abwa but get partial access, for 
50 u s bucks a year, well, fair enough, again, don't expect me to pay an extra 
fee to an agency servicing clients of one state of Australia only please.



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