[bactttoma] Latest issue with Melton Shire.

  • From: steven taylor <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bactttoma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 12:11:02 +1000

From Steven Taylor.

Everyone on this list will at least know some of the recent events which have taken place, and the most serious of which I am not in the least responsible for committing.

Having said that, having produced all statements to those who actually needed to see, because there were plenty of sticky noses who don't, it's no surprise to find myself the subject of a fight launched by some "concerned parents" of people with a disability of a certain group I attend purely as a volunteer, not that I mind that, but these "concerned parents" well, they're making some loud noises.

You can't allow this man to attend this group, he's unsafe. Our son/ daughter is in danger. Our son/daughter can't always express their feelings about what they're hearing.

Well, not that they are hearing a lot, but of course, you can count on it that parents are showing others any newspaper articles about at least one recent event, no surprises there.

What is worse is the Melton Shire is starting to listen to all of this stuff, most of which is not true if they cared to read the statements, but unfortunately, this looks like one of these situations where Melton Shire will have no other choice but to kindly say, sorry Steven, you can't attend this particular group any more.

I attend 2 groups, but only parents of one group are "concerned" it seems the other group is happy for me to continue, but how long before the concerned parents of the one group get on to the parents of the other one is a question which nobody can answer.

For my part, I love attending both groups, it's a pity as the group of parents which is pushing me out is the group I am closest too, not just the activities which I thoroughly enjoy, but the kind people who do all sorts of things I never ask for, because volunteers are not allowed to ask a group member for anything outside of the group, and fair enough too.

I never joined either group for anything, all I wanted to do is volunteer, I attended the formal training, got asked to join both groups, I was extremely happy to do so, and I love the challenge of helping others I consider less fortunate than myself.

To give you a general idea, the group where the parents are trying to have me pushed out is made up of adults, some with more than one disability, most living with caring parents, most stuck at home apart from an occasional group activity, some of them extremely hard to accommodate because of transport issues etc.

It's hard not to have some pity for these people, because if their parents should pass away, god only knows where they will be accommodated, some of the adults are under 40, but will likely end up in full time nursing care which means even less activities for them in some cases.

I guess that I'll have to do whatever the Melton Shire decides I guess, I don't see any other way they can handle this issue and believe me, they have been working extremely hard to defend me in regards to these matters.

I won't give up, I remain committed to both groups until I am politely asked otherwise.


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