[bactttoma] Initial meeting with Victorian Transport Minister and opposition transport spokesperson happening next Tuesday.

  • From: steven taylor <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bactttoma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 10:52:00 +1000

Hi folks.

I have some good news.

Next Tuesday morning, I am having a meeting with the current Victorian 
Transport minister and his opposition counterpart.

They are 2 separate meetings happening on the same day.

After much discussion, I am focusing on 3 points for these meetings.

I have more than 3 points it is just that I don't want to go in to heavy, but I 
don't want to give the impression I am taking issues lightly either.

The 3 points are as follows.

1.  Audio announcements.

Particular focus on current systems and making sure they are used properly, 
correctly and when people are making live audio announcements that they are 
clear in the english being used.

2.  Southern Cross station and city loop access.

Whilst all parties are now aware of travellers aid and direct phone numbers for 
ringing info desks, there are still issues with Southern Cross especially with 
that silly tactile which takes people who are blind absolutely nowhere where 
they or anyone else needs to go in the first place.

I am also mentioning city loop stations particularly Melbourne central where 
somebody in their wisdom only put in 1 set of lifts which means if your train 
pulls up at the other end you have to walk for ages to find them and we are 
talking about stations which were designed in the last international year for 
the disabled can't believe who're nearly 30 years on and nothing has been done 
to fix this issue.

3.  Last minute v-line departure changes to platforms.

I really wanted hearing loops to be the third point, only one party the 
opposition transport spokesperson would agree to it, so after much discussion 
with secretaries and the parties directly settled on this point, because this 
has become a common occurrence with v-line especially when they change a train 
from platform 1 to platform 14 and there is one minute to go before the 
scheduled departure, it means at least a 10 minute walk from one end of the 
station to the other.

All parties realise that sometimes this is out of v-lines control but we all 
agree it is important enough to address especially if you have already been 
dropped off at the scheduled platform by travellers aid and they have gone to 
help somebody else.

Hearing loops will be raised at a future meeting the minister wants to do more 
research on how many there are now and whether or not the budget is going to 
allow for more.

Well, I don't like politicians that much, I will give credit to the ministers 
office where it is due, at least they have been emailing me with 2 updates on 
this research, one can only hope they will email me something worth forwarding 
to a list however.

Each meeting is to go for 1 hour and 15 minutes, which I will give credit to 
say is a generous time so far, one can only hope this generosity from both 
parties will continue after the next state election as it will take a long time 
to resolve the issues, they simply can't be resolved over night.


Steven Taylor.

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