[bactttoma] I will not be able to write or monitor this list most of Friday

  • From: steven taylor <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bactttoma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 14:15:28 +1000

Hi folks.

The funeral for my mother is happening on 
Friday.  No, I am not the celebrant for this one.

One reason is I'm not sure that I am going to be able to stop crying, another 
is legally I can't anyway for this funeral.

I am turning every single device off on Friday, and won't be able to write or 
monitor this list.

It's in good shape, so I'm not expecting complete disaster.

I am also turning off all telephones for the day as I am sorry to say, I need a 
day for me, and again I am sorry if that sounds rude or selfish.

Just to let you know what's happening.

Ok the funeral is being held here at a church in Melton and is an invitation 
only affair.

This was the only way to do this, because the church is small so we had to 
choose carefully who was going.

The only fortunate thing out of all of that was nobody who isn't going has 
complained to myself, my Dad or my Daughter, but of course, we don't have super 
big ears to hear what they say outside our presence.

The funeral takes place at 10.30 on Friday morning.

There will be 3 speakers.

My father, my daughter and myself.

My mother is going to be cremated according to her wishes.

As we go in to the church, we're playing a song called looking forward, looking 
back by Slim Dusty.

Once we're all seated the celebrant reads the welcome message.

Amanda is then invited to light candles for my mother and my wife and the 
service begins.

Photographs of both are given to the assembled congregation.

The celebrant gives a brief history.

I have to say, we found this part hard, there was so much to say.

Ok my father speaks first.

After he has finished, the celebrant invites me to speak.

I speak, then the celebrant plays amazing grace.

Then Amanda speaks, and boy the tears are dripping already because it's a 
beautiful speech she's written.

We sit down again and a song called True Blue from John Williamson is played.

Whilst Mum was born in England, this was one of her favourites of songs.

The celebrant then invites anyone else to speak, we're not expecting anyone to 
do so.

The celebrant then says the Lord's prayer over my mother and closes the service.

The family leaves first, waits out the front to thank guests.

Whilst we leave a song is played called time to say goodbye  by Andrey Pachelli.

We then go as a private family and witness the final cremation act.

At this final act, the lord is my shepherd is played by me on a trumpet.

Hope I don't cry and can't continue.

After this is over, everyone is meeting at my place for the traditional wake.

Amanda formally welcomes everyone and food and drinks are served.

No idea how long this will go on for.

Everyone is bringing flowers and we have a huge collection of cards and there 
is a book for all guests to sign.

We are not keeping my mothers ashes, Dad doesn't like this idea, and we agree 
with him.

So I will be drinking alcohol at the wake, and I'm  not exactly sure what sort 
of fit state I'm going to be in to monitor the list.

I will let the list know on Saturday after I recover from a hang over how 
things went.

Oh forgot to mention, we're giving all guests a dvd of the funeral service.

Well, thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers and everything else.


Steven Taylor.

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