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  • Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 20:02:29 +1000

For anyone interested, here is an email I received which I am happy to share.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Carla Anderson <Carla.Anderson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: 13 May 2010 3:19:47 PM AEST
> To: steven taylor <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: able Australia services
> Hello Steven
> I am on the DB Austlist and I am the manager of Able Australia, Deafblind 
> services in Melbourne.  I would like to take this oppportunity to share with 
> you regarding Deafblind services and how our services may benefit you in the 
> short and long term. 
> There are services that you may be interested in knowing:
> 1) Ablelink is a computer training place in the city and we have a computer 
> trainer who is an expert with adaptive technologies for people who have dual 
> losses (vision and hearing).  Any person who is registered with Able 
> Australia is more than welcome to use our services at no charge.
> 2) Recreation and volunteer program.  There are two activities for people who 
> have deafblindness and use a variety of communication methods.  There are 
> fortnightly recreation activities through the week  either on Wednesdays or 
> Thursdays.  The communication with this group is Auslan (Australian Sign 
> Language) but we are now slowly growing into having more people who 
> communicate through hearing and speaking.  There is also another activity on 
> a Saturday (monthly 3rd Sat) for people with various communication methods 
> and may have other disabilities on top of their deafblindness.
> 3) Art Therapy for those who want to express their emotions through art 
> (painting)
> 4) Respite for those who are living with family members.  We provide support 
> workers to take the person out for chat or shopping or whatever this person 
> is interested in.
> 5)case management services for funding support for any ongoing needs.
> If you are interested in receiving any of our services, I am more than happy 
> to meet with you in Melton and have a talk about this. 
> Let me know what you think.   I am Deaf and wear glasses (no vision loss, 
> just short sighted) and communciate via Auslan so when we meet, I will 
> organise an interpreter to ensure that we have the best communication 
> happening!!
> Looking forward to meeting with you!!!! 
> Hear from you soon. 
> Regards, Carla Anderson
> Manager - Deafblind Services
> Able Australia
> www.ableaustralia.org.au
> 1300225369

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