[bactttoma] From Steven Taylor. Startrek audio dvd features release.

  • From: taylor family <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 8 May 2010 08:58:47 +1000

From Steven Taylor.

This may not actually be a  new release but it is for me anyway.

Went dvd shopping last night and picked up a real bargain startrek the complete 

The original series, the next generation, voyager, deep space 9 all the movies.

I had this before, until somebody stole it but insurance paid me the money 
after the usual police report.

Well this version is heaps better than the last box set I had.

Full audio description, features of all the actors and directors, various 
commentaries and interviews and a brochure telling me every single cast member 
of every single episode and movie.

When I say bargain paid less than 200 dollars the lot and we are talking about 
30 disks in total.

The box has room for 6 more titles which I was pleased to discover.

As I mentioned every episode and movie has full audio description done by the 
studio themselves in this edition and even the menus are audio described and no 
you don't need sighted assistance.

I should point out this edition is called limited edition 3 so can't promise 
you that future editions like edition 4 will be like this and the store I went 
to only had one copy left and had no plans on stocking any more as they were a 
limited edition in the first place.

So you will have to shop around for this one but try places like j b hyfy as 
they are known to have stuff like this.

If you are a startrek fan which I am of most of the stuff they did you will 
love this for sure, if not, give it the usual wide birth if this isn't your cup 
of tea.


Steven Taylor.

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