[bactttoma] From Steven Taylor. Premium s m s text services.

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  • Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 12:53:09 +1000

From Steven Taylor.

Premium s m s services.

You've probably heard the adds for them jamstar, get active and the rest as 

A few tips.

Be careful when subscribing to these services, they seem to love promoting 
themselves in your s m s inbox and charging you for reading their promotions as 

They do have ring tones, games, and all sorts of other stuff even prediction 
services for your date to pass away and how you will die, who are your suitable 
partners, even what they call the so called partner tracking services and the 
usual star signs, babies names and all sorts of other stuff.

Be warned, some of these services contain adult content which may offend some 
people as well.

You have to text the word stop to unsubscribe from them, be warned if you don't 
you'll be inumdated with promotions.

The games are generally speaking completely inaccessible and of course, there 
is no guarantee their so called partner tracking software will work with your 
preferred screen reading software on your mobile phone.

Note.  The majority of these services do not work with iphones, but iphones 
have apps for this sort of thing anyway, some free, some paid, and most are 
inaccessible with voice over anyway.

If you really want a certain ring tone from one of these services insure you 
get the ring tone and then text the word stop so as you won't be charged huge 
amounts of money for reading their promotions.

I have even seen one service which makes claims it can tell you what breed your 
next dog or cat will be.

One of the better services is hugo.

This one does cost to text but there are very few promotions and you can ask 
hugo absolutely anything.

You just text the word hugo to 19 hugo and you get a confirmation message free 
to read and then you ask hugo anything you want.

I have used this service, extremely good for road directions I have to say but 
keep in mind it's about 4 dollars per each message sent.



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