[bactttoma] From Steven Taylor. Letter from Melton Shire.

  • From: taylor family <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bactttoma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 5 May 2010 10:56:30 +1000

From Steven Taylor.

Letter from Melton Shire.

Regarding.  Holes in footpaths.

Dear Steven.

My name is Danny and I am charged with the responsibility of hiring contractors 
to do works around the shire of Melton.

I received your message which was only passed on to me yesterday Tuesday 

A few things I would like to address.

The after hours service is designed for emergencies such as birst water mains, 
trees in the way of cars and emergency gas works.

The emergency service we have doesn't cover this type of report.

This is due to costs.

You informed the Shire that you called police.

In the future, we would please kindly ask you to report this  type of matter to 
me during business hours.

We are satisfied with the barriers the police organised as they complied with 
our health and safety guide lines.

In relation to the contractors.

I will speak to the contractors today Tuesday to remind them of our health and 
safety guide lines and will in this case appoint an inspector to assure 
compliance in the future.

I apologise if this work is causing you inconvenience and I do understand you 
are blind and were concerned about the safety of other blind residents of the 

You can call me during business hours.

He included a phone number.

What do people think?

Here is my response, note, not sent just yet, may have to edit it a bit.

Well Danny, the thing is the second hole was spotted on Saturday, does this 
mean somebody who is blind or god forbid a child or a senior pensioner has to 
fall in on Sunday afternoon and we can't contact anyone until Monday morning?

and Danny, you say I have to speak to you, so does this mean if you are, sick, 
on holidays, or not in the office and it is business hours, I must wait until 
the next business day?

I am a bush lawyer Danny I have no legal qualifications to speak of, but common 
sense tells me the shire and contractors are liable should god forbid somebody 
falls in these holes whilst we wait for a business hour when you happen to be 
available to speak too.

I have an excellent relationship with my local police station and give them as 
much as they give me and for that, I make no apologies.

The  police lady  officer I and my daughter spoke with was so disturbed, they 
took in this case both immediate and completely appropriate action for which,  
they should be applauded.

If I see  or hear or I am notified of something like this again and it is 
outside business hours Danny, you can be assured I will contact every after 
hours authority I know of including police, and in the future,  should 
appropriate action  not be taken by all parties immediately, media outlets as 

It is completely unacceptable that your after hours service doesn't have a way 
of at least logging this, to say costs are prohibitive, is an extremely poor 

I was not just concerned with the safety of blind residents of the shire, in 
fact, if you have read the police report, my statement reads.

"I am extremely concerned for the health, safety and accessibility of every 
single person in the shire including residents and visitors"

I wonder who covers costs if it was a visitor who happened to fall down  either 
one of the 2 holes?

Rest assured Danny Peter has received a copy of this letter and my response.

I also sent a copy to the mayer of the shire as well.

In the future Danny, I hope to see  and read more appropriate responses and 


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