[bactttoma] From Steven Taylor. Book Review. In the steps of Burke and Wills. by Tom bergin.

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From Steven Taylor.

Book Review.

In the steps of Burke and Wills.

by Tom Bergin.

Dad would have loved me to read this book to him, sadly, will have to read it 
to him through a god in heaven.

Available in graille in 4 volumes.

Braille was done by the royal blind society of New South Wales in 1982.

A very well set out and thorough account of the steps of Burke and Wills 2 
famous explorers who explored various land of Australia.

For a history book, I really enjoyed this book.

It gives according to my internet research a completely thorough and accurate 
account of all of the adventures of Burke and Wills 2 famous Australian 

So famous in fact, both have streets named after them in the cbd of Melbourne.

The author uses engaging and interesting words, phrases and language to give 
even first time readers of history books a chance to engage and relive the 

The author doesn't attempt to gloss over anything and reports everything with 
extreme accuracy and details.

The braille was extremely easy to read, and even the notes the author compiled 
are well referenced.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I was planning to read it to Dad, guess I 
will have to read it to his spirrit now.

The book tells it like it was, the harsh and unforgiving lands, the dealings 
with the native aboriginals, and the recognition of the things these 2 
explorers achieved.

So if you want to venture in to reading history books and you have not done so 
yet, because you think the subject matter is boring, at least give this book a  
a try, and maybe, and who knows, you might get started on a whole new subject 
of reading for yourself.


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