[bactttoma] From Steven Taylor. Book Review. In my own heart. by Alan Marshall.

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From Steven Taylor.

Book review.

In my own heart.

By Alan Marshall.

Here they are, my braille notes I took years ago about this book.

I am editing whilst I am reading them.

It was the braille version of this book I read.

It may be in other formats now days.

A reflective but straight forward Alan Marshall tells us about life  with polio 
and a disability as a much older and wiser man.

The book is absolutely gripping, from the very first sentence to its absolutely 
dramatic climax.

Alan tells us of love affairs and romance hard to find, and  some aspects of 
romance even harder for Alan to give.

Whilst this book is not what I will call explicit, there are 3 scenes which may 
offend some readers.

The descriptions are extremely detailed and there is a little bit of strong 
language used.

Alan tells us of his lonliness but with no self pity in the story.

He tells us of his secret battle with his own depression and ways he managed to 
over come it.

His ways are truly inspirational and Alan finds himself a new inner strength 
which he admits he had never before discovered.

Alan also tells us of his battles as a writer.

If you are looking for a really dramatic climax, this book has one of the best 
dramatic endings I have read so far.

I can't tell you how it made me feel, because it will spoil the drama of the 
ending of this book.

In my personal view, Marshall has delivered his second best ever work.

Alan won 3 awards for this book, one was the mIles Franklin award, so if you 
are familiar with this award, you will want to read this book for sure.

As I say, it may be in other formats now days, check with Vision Australia if 
they still have this book, my notes are dated the year 1999.


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