[bactttoma] From Steven Taylor. Back to more serious topics. Victorian state budget release.

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  • Date: Wed, 5 May 2010 17:02:51 +1000

From Steven Taylor.

Victorian State Budget.

Victorians may be aware yesterday we had our state budget delivered.

Without boring you with all the details, one of the winners was my favourite 
passion public transport.

The state government despite the fact they will run the state in to more debt 
are spending more money on public transport.

To give you some idea of what is hmm going to happen, because nothing is 
absolutely guaranteed.

New railway line for Bendigo be rerouted.

Upgrade completion of Sunbury line.

The start of another set of tracks between Richmond and Caulfield.

More manned train stations, although not totally funded by Government.

More new trains, more new trams.

Completion of a double line between Sunshine and Deer Park.

Now lets remember, this is not going to happen today, this is their blue print 
for the next 4 years and is of course subjective to changes in future budgets 
whether they come from current government or new government after the next Vic 
state election.


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