[bactttoma] From Steven Taylor. A few tips for downloading music or movies from the internet.

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  • Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 08:49:45 +1000

From Steven Taylor.

Hi folks.

Here are a few tips for legal ways to download music and movies off the 


Windows users note, n v d a works with this well, will assume Jaws and window 
eyes should have no trouble.

The download of the software itself is free.

There is then a one off membership fee price varies according to United States 
and Australian dollar exchange rate, between 30 and 45 dollars australian.

Once you pay this membership, you then create a user name and password and you 
download torrents as they call  them until your heart is contented.

The torrents are free, but please be aware if you have an internet download 
limit, data charges from your isp will apply.

Utorrent has lots of stuff, music, television shows, movies and they recently 
added a games section, but don't bother with it if you are blind.

Unlike limewire or frostwire, which are completely inaccessible for Jaws and n 
v d a  and voice over  users anyway, there is no spyware.

Note, the terms and conditions state if you download something you shouldn't 
share it, and whilst this can't be policed, it is not  necessarily bad advice.

Utorrent also allows you to upload your own personal cd collection and other 
torrent users can then download your own personal collection.


Itunes works with Jaws 11 and I am reliably informed by Steve Patterson from 
vip-l with window eyes 7.1.

I have not tested itunes with n v d a but will do so later on this year.

Itunes is great for music, podcasts, tv shows, radio streaming provided you 
find radio stations with a listen to in itunes link and itunes has an extensive 
audio books collection.

Prices are reasonable, I won't say the cheapest, but reasonable none the less.

You can now rent movies on itunes, I like this feature 3 Australian dollars per 
movie and you get 3 days rental and the movie self deletes itself from the 
computer after the time expires.

The audio books mainly come from audible.com and are moderately priced, I won't 
say reasonably priced, but moderately priced and there is a wide selection.

My only criticism of the audio books section is you only get a short sample of 
each book and you can't rent them, but stay tuned, apple will make this happen.

Most podcasts are free and there is a huge variety here and now itunes has a 
free audio book podcast section as well.

The music section is good, was sad to discover a c d c isn't on itunes in fact, 
itunes needs more music libraries, nowhere near as good as utorrent.

The ring tones section is the most disappointing feature of itunes, for some 
reason best known to apple the ring tones stay the same selection far too long.


This sounds like I have become my isp's spokesperson but in truth, I rarely use 
bigpond for music.

I do like the fact that older songs are less than 1 Australian dollar per song, 
still think older albums are a bit on the expensive side compared with itunes, 
nevertheless, bigpond does have an extremely good selection of the music I 

There is a free section for free music, but don't bother with this.

Forgot to mention for itunes and bigpond you need to create user names and 
passwords, but you do not have to be a bigpond member to use their music 

Bigpond is accessible for all screen readers, but let me give you a tip from a 
bigpond customer, if your screen reader has a quick navigation keys feature, 
please turn it on and use it, I hate the home page with a passion, far too much 
information there, and a  lot of it is useless even for some sighted people.


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