[bactttoma] From Ben Matthews. Automatic teller machine skimming be warned becoming a big problem.

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  • Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 15:19:33 +1000

From Ben Matthews.

You may have recently heard and or read that the Commonwealth Bank has recently discovered what are commonly called skimming devices on 3 automatic teller machines.

To give you the idea of how these devices are meant to work, basically the idea is criminals put a device in and or on an automatic teller machine with a camera which records all transactions, which then transmits all the data of the transactions to mobile phones and or other equipment.

The criminals record your transactions and yes this also includes your pin and then they use this data to grab whatever cash remains in your accounts.

This practice is becoming more and more common so here are a few tips to avoid you becoming the next victim.

1. Withdraw only using eftpos, most retail stores will give you cash as will post offices.

2. Do not withdraw cash on credit using an automatic teller machine, in other words, don't borrow cash on your credit card using an automatic teller machine to complete the transaction.

3. If you really have to use an automatic teller machine, try finding a branch of your bank where they have a machine inside the actual bank branch and or even better just go to the teller and do the transaction.

4. If you are going to use a personal pin of your own choosing rather than the bank issued pin, avoid using your date of birth and or any number on any form of any of your personal identification, tip, use your dogs registration tag number or something obscure like the year you got the first card or something like this.

5. If you suspect money is going out of your account without your authorisation, immediately make as many forms of contact with your bank as possible, note, you should also inform the banking ombudsman and the police as well.

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