[bactttoma] Extremely good news to report on Adaptive Technology products and equipment repayment loans and plans.

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Product Adaptive Technology and Equipment Clause.

From:  Mr.  Garry  Albert  Robert  Taylor.

Important Notices.

This clause can be produced  completely free of charge in any requested 
alternative format/s at any time at the request of any person/s.

The clause reads as follows.

The clause is hereafter referred to as clause 3.

Clause 3.

Adaptive Technology, Products, Equipment clause.

Terms and conditions read as follows.

This clause is not to be altered and or amended without permission of the 

Applicants must meet all terms and conditions of this clause at all times.

This clause is legally binding and may only be changed in the event of 
appropriate legal advice given to the administrator/s.

The contact information of the administrator/s can be found at the end of this 


Clause Introduction.

Having a son who is totally blind meant I had to face many hardships as a 
parent.  Everything from getting information in appropriate formats for my son, 
to extra tuition, to specialist adaptive technology, products, equipment, 
software, hardware games, books and anything else that my son needed for his 
life to be made easier and for want of abetter word, “normal”

For me as a parent, this meant long working hours, a second job, and hours upon 
hours of research to find appropriate assistance for my son.  As a parent, I 
consider this research totally worthwhile and I am extremely pleased to say my 
son has a fulfilling life as a whole person who is totally blind.

As a result of my own personal experiences which include experiencing many 
hardships, in 2001 I began painstaking research in to how I could leave a trust 
for parents and or children who are currently going through what I have been 

I should point out, I didn’t just do this for parents but for all of the 
Australian people with  physical and or learning disabilities in general.

After consulting with no less than 17 Australian solicitors at my own personal 
expense, I am pleased to write the following clause.

Thank you.


3.1.  Person/s party/s applicant/s must be current Australian residents.

3.2.  Person/s, party/s, applicant/s outside Australia are considered 

3.3.  Person/s, party/s, applicants must currently at the point of application 
be currently in receipt of a centrelink benefit and or payment for which 
certified copies of payment details must be supplied.  Certified hereby means 
these documents must come from Centrelink and must be certified by any of the 
following party/s.

Justice of the piece, church minister, member of state and or federal 
parliament, police station, celebrant, chemist, postmaster, elected local 
council and or shire member, Vision Australia, Royal Blind Society for the 
Blind New South Wales, Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind, Royal Society 
for the Blind South Australia, any currently registered dog guide service 
provider, example Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, guide dogs Australia or any State 
Office, Association for the Blind Western Australia any currently registered 
deafness and or deaf/blind Australian Association, any state government 
department of health, human services, community services, family services, 
community development, family development, carer agency, service provider, 
advocacy group, Blind citizens Australia, any currently registered agency for 
people with a physical disability and or a learning disability, provided the 
agency is Australian based.

3.4.  Person/s party/s applicants are permitted to apply on behalf of children 
under 18 years but must supply all appropriate documents.

3.5.  Person/s party/s applicants must provide the following certified 

Proof of current residential address proving persons have lived at current 
residential address for no less than 12 months.
The residential address must be a current Australian residential address.
Income statements from Centrelink.
Bank statements from bank.
Photograph of applicant.
Birth certificate of applicant.
Current employment and or current education if any being currently being 
undertaken at the point of application.
A reference from at least one currently registered Australian based disability 
agency, service provider and or advocacy group.
For examples of appropriate groups, please see the above stated examples of 
appropriate Australian registered groups.
No less than 2 character references from persons who do not currently live and 
or reside with applicant.
Character  references must be certified.
For example of certification, please see the above stated appropriate examples 
of certifiable authorities.

3.6.  Person/s party/s applicants must strictly hereby agree to repay the full 
loan through Centrelink through the Centrelink.

3.7.  Person/s party/s applicant/s  must  hereby strictly agree to the minimum 
repayments through Centrelink through its Centrepay service of no less than the 
minimum amount of 20 dollars per fortnightly Centrelink benefit payment/s.

3.8.  Person/s party/s applicant/s must pay a one off administration fee for 
the entire loan of no less than 100 Australian dollars but are permitted to pay 
the administration fee at no less than the minimum of 20 Australian dollars per 
fortnightly Centrelink benefit/s.

3.9.  No less than 12 payments must be received from the above arrangements 
before person/s party/s applicant/s can and or will receive the requested 
adaptive technology product/s or equipment.

3.10.  Loans are not permitted to exceed the limit of 5000 Australian dollars 
per loan, this excludes the one off administration fee.

3.11.  There are to be no other fees charged for the entire loan unless there 
is a default on the loan.

3.12.  All loans are  to be completely interest free for the entire loan.

3.13.  If a person  party or applicant passes away during the terms of the 
repayment of the loan, then provided certified proof is given to the 
administrator/s of the trust, person/s party/s applicant/s will be excused from 
any and all remaining balance  of the loan, with the exception of the one off 
administration fee for the loan.

3.14.  The administrator/s of the trust are hereby instructed to reserve the 
rites for recovering any other defaulted loan repayments through any and all 
appropriate Australian legal authorities.

3.15.  Administrator/s of the trust are hereby instructed to insure all 
person/s party/s applicant/s are to be given full account balance statements in 
any requested and accessible alternative format requested by the person party 
or applicant.

3.16.  Person/s party/s applicant/s are allowed more than one product, however, 
the loan is not allowed to exceed the maximum limit of 5000 Australian dollars 
under any circumstances.

3.17.  Person/s party/s applicant/s are to notify the administrator/s of the 
trust if they lose any part and or full Centrelink benefit/s.  This also 
includes the 500 dollar per year Centrelink advanced payment and or subsequent 
repayments of the advanced payment.

3.18.  Person/s party/s applicant/s who have a physical or learning disability 
who work and do not receive Centrelink benefit/s either in part and or in full 
may only apply if they meet the following criteria.

They must be currently employed either part and or full time in Australia and 
must also be Australian residents meeting all above proof criteria.

They must have worked for the company for a period of no less than 12 months of 
part time and or full time employment and must also supply certified references 
according to the above stated criteria.

They must also supply all other documents according to all of the above stated 
documents stated in this clause.

3.19.  After the loan has been fully repaid, all person/s party/s applicant/s 
must wait a full 365 days after the receipt of the final balance account 
statement has been received by the person party or applicant sent to them from 
the administrator/s of the trust.

3.20.  Any and all documents accompanying any and all applications can be sent 
to the administrator/s in the following formats, note print is essential.  
Braille, email in plain text, print in times new roman 12 point font for whole 
document, audio versions.  Note.  Print is absolutely essential to accompany 
any other chosen format/s.


Contact Details and Information of the Administrator/s of the trust.

Australian Residents only.

Trust Name.


Australian Residents with a Physical or Learning Disability Products and 
Adaptive Technology Equipment Trust.

Registration Number. 350487199.

Administrator/s name.

Mr. Darren Robert Stines.
Mr. Steven Joseph Taylor.

Postal Address.

Unit Number.  11
Street Number. 44-50.
Street Name.  Phillip Street.
Street Type.  Street.
Suburb.  Melton South.
City.  Melton.
State. Victoria.
Postcode.  3338.
Country.  Australia.

Home Telephone Number.  

Australian Residents only.  03 9 7 4 7 8 0 6 7.

Mobile Telephone Number.

Australian residents only.  0 4 0 7 3 0 7 1 1 1.

Email Address.

Australian Residents only.


Documents   sent via email must also be accompanied by hard copies for all 
applications to be considered and or approved.

Thank you.

Mr.  Garry  Albert  Robert  Taylor.

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