[bactttoma] Ben Matthews one on one with John Farnham.

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  • Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 08:47:19 +1000

Ben Matthews.

One on one with John Farnham.

The interview was short and there were conditions but I went anyway.

So where is the man who sang Sadie the cleaning lady these days you may ask?

Living the quiet life in Victoria and loving every minute of it.

And why not.

You may have read of Glen's recent troubles with the tax office, and John won't 
tell me anything.

Oh yes these days it's definitely John.

I saw a different more introverted quiet relaxed John than is so often seen in 
the public or should I say use to be seen.

I was thanked for coming and he was straight to the point of saying he was 
making no comments about Glen's troubles.

Ok I got that clear, so I started with this question.

Do you intend to tour again?

I have learnt my lessons well so I am never again going to say never ever or 
this is my last tour, but I am fairly sure I am not interested in touring for 
the next few years.

I then wanted to know what his favourite song was.

My favourite song and performance of it was the your the voice song I did with 
cold play at the bush fire relief concert.

I then asked what is the song he hated singing most.

Nothing against the little river band, but I don't like doing on the border any 
more, and I have outgrown sadie even if the fans have not.

I am a curious journalist, I like to know what other music these musicians 
listen too.

I listen to lots of music.  I am a big Barns fan, love John Williamson, can't 
get enough of Becky Coal and Gena Jefferies.

I asked him about modern music like hip hop.

Not a fan Ben but there are a few songs I liked.  He didn't name these songs.

So what are you doing John these days?

Just staying home living a normal quiet life enjoying every minute of it and 
once or twice, writing a song or a verse and playing around with it.

Will you sing for me?

Oh sure yeh no worries what do you want to hear.

My favourite song was still is this time we're playing to win so I asked him 
and he was extremely obliging.

John has still got it.  Ok not my favourite singer but he still has his own 
unique Farnham singing voice and it sounded as good as I remember it.

With that, the short interview was over, although I was welcomed to have a cup 
of coffee, but time to take off to the Victorian ombudsmans office, research to 
be done.

Ben Matthews.

Freelance journalist.

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