[bactttoma] Accessing your bills huge amount of solutions for this

  • From: steven taylor <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bactttoma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 19:36:04 +1000

Hi folks.

What is amazing is the huge amount of solutions available for accessing your 

Some of these may require you writing to give the companies concerned 
permission to send you email, but this is easy.

Direct Debit.

I can't think of a bank who doesn't have this service.  Moreover, there are 
banks who will give pensioners exemptions fromfees if the bank account is 

B pay.

Probably the easiest and the most accessible solution for people who are blind, 
you can even get the majority of companies to send you their b pay reference 
numbers in braille large print and email vormats.

Online payments.

Whilst some websites are more accessible than others, most companies in 
Australia have and are making continual efferts to improve accessibility in 
relation to this option.

Credit cards.

Used responsibly, credit cards are a good solution, note, you should really 
only use this as an emergency solution, because most companies will charge you 
a credit card fee, not to mention the ridiculous interest charged on the 
majority of credit cards these days.

Can companies send emails in any format?

Yes, you will have to ask for this in writing, because most companies prefer 
pdf versions, however they will send you text files if you write to them.

What about braille?

Yes, you would be surprised at the number of Australian companies who are using 
a braille bill service and getting no publicity for doing so.

What about large print?

Yes, and most companies are no longer charging customers for producing this 
format and there are heaps of Australian companies doing this without publicity.

How do I request an alternative format?

I must say writing to a company really does the trick.  This doesn't mean it 
can't be done over the telephone, however, if you send an account statement 
from the company you are writing to with a letter politely asking for another 
format, you will be surprised at what a difference this makes for your future 
bills and your future accounts and services.

I hope this helps.


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