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Babya E-Type 3.0:

Babya E-Type 3.0 is now available to download.

   MDI/tabbed interface (similar in style to Babya Discoverer)   
   Easy access to files via a file explorer task pane   
   Can be used as a programmer?s text editor/script editor   
   Opens and saves text, Visual Basic .bas/module files (also can open other 
programming code files, eg. .asp, *.php or .html) and RTF files (can open files 
of unlimited sizes, unlike Notepad on Windows 95/98/ME systems)   
   Can export documents to PDF   
   Multiple item clipboard   
   Encrypt and decrypt text files feature for extra file security*Document 
   Can use/intergrate files from other Babya or third-party software-create 
compound documents   
   Able to be run from a USB drive   
   Windows Vista compatible


Film Central 2007 Preview:
A preview version of Babya's video graphics asset management application-Babya 
Film Central 2007 was released on December 18. 

Features include:
   Everything is stored in a Access database   
   Multiple asset databases

Babya Video Capture Suite 2007:

Babya Video Capture Suite 2007 is Babya Production Suite's video capturing 

You can use it to capture footage from DV/TV tuners/webcams/video-in and save 
the captured video in either a AVI file (using any of the available video 
codecs on your PC-such as VP61, uncompressed full frames, Microsoft video 
formats) or as a Babya MVF format file-with the ability to create a 
self-playing movie. 

Babya Video Capture Suite can also be used for desktop screen captures. 

For instance you can capture from a webcam (eg. MS Lifecam, Logitech QuickCam) 
to a AVI file for use in Babya Presenter DX. 

Babya PhotoPro update:

Several new screenshots of Babya PhotoPro have surfaced earlier this month.

  Of interest-beta 1 includes a despeckle tool, and several new drawing tools 
have been added. 
  Also the new icon is in place-but no splash screen yet. 
  File Browser:
  A file browser has been added to beta 1-it's reminiscent of the file browser 
used in Babya Photo Workshop XL.
  And a bit of history:
  Babya PhotoPro was first mentioned here on Babya Rumors in October 2005. 
  Babya Production Suite release date:
  According to a post on the Babya LiveJournal last week, the release date for 
Babya Production Suite is rumored to be out by the end of April. 
  Babya Media Event
  Apparently, there is speculation that a invite to a Babya event next month 
will be sent out next week to various Babya sites. 
  Rumored to be released at the event is a standalone release of bSync 
3-previously available only with Babya System '06 and beta 1 of Babya PhotoPro

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