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Hi all, I would like to let you know, that Tees Valley Sound Tennis will be having a b1 tennis camp, before the Nationals and I would like to ask, if you had any input / suggestions that you would like to put forward? This will hopefully take place at Northfield School and Sports College, Billingham. Once I have the full details of the date and time? I will let you know.



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Hi Peter - Who are the 16 who are on the list?  It will be  easier to
suggest  people to join if we  have this info.

We had a couple of  3 shot returns during the Metro doubles B1 friendly in
Feb FYI.

I think a B1 camp would be  great.

BTW I've  only replied  to you because as soon  as I saw your name I wanted
to ask whether you'd heard the news about Tim Gebbles?


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Hi All,

Welcome to people who have recently joined this Email group. There are
now sixteen of us, mostly, but not all, B1 players.

If you weren't at Loughborough, then just to say that it was fun, but
for whatever reason, B1 returns seemed even harder to come by than
usual. I think that returns are the holy grail of B1 tennis, and I've
yet to see more than a 4-shot rally, a rare event  at that.   On that
note, does anyone have an Email address for Naqi? if so, please don't
put it on the list, but maybe ask him if he could Email me privately?

So, I am wondering whether it would be a good idea to organise a
workshop or camp, drawing on the best players:  Nik, Roy, Kelly Yvette
and Maria spring to mind, to compare notes, pool skills and perhaps
include some coaching from whoever the best people seem to be.

What do you think?

Lastly, if you know B1 players who aren't on the Email list - only 5 out
of the 8 Loughborough players are - then please see whether you can
persuade them to join, as the more we have, the more useful it could be.



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