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We in the Verde Valley would like everyone to help us out and let their voice 
be heard. Maybe someone in the group could comment on what lighting we should 
strive for, being that it looks like they're going to do it anyway. 

look at the attached URL's in order. The last URL is the form that you
can fill out on line and email. (Updated Acrobat may be needed.) Please
either print and send in or fill in online and make your voice heard.
Regardless of whether you live in Sedona or not.

Although the best solution is no lights at
all. No installation costs, no maintenance, no energy used. It looks
like the ADOT is going ahead with the project. It seems that the LED lighting 
on short poles on both
sides would be an option we may be able to live with. Keeping the poles
short should keep the light from trespassing into the skies much. Of
course, reflected light upward will occur more with the lower units.
And, with the lower units there will be more of them. But, some of the others 
light options may be more easily filtered. I'm sure there could be a better use 
of our tax money. And, since it's ADOT, everyone pays, not just Sedona 








If the URL's won't click you through, copy and paste them into the address bar. 

Please accept my apologies if this is construed for anything political.  

J D Maddy
President, Astronomers of Verde Valley
Saguaro Astronomy Club Member

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