[AZ-Observing] Young Moon

  • From: "Jimmy Ray" <jimmy_ray@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2014 19:09:23 -0700

In the December issue of S&T Alan MacRobert wrote a small piece on a
"record-thin Moon" (page 52, bottom center). Earlier this afternoon, my
previously made calendar reminder popped up reminding me of said event.
Around 17:00 hours I made my way over to a local church which has an
unobstructed view to the west (save the White Tank mountains about 15+ miles
away). I set up the "Fredericksen 5" a 5" f5 refractor (which belonged to
David Fredericksen) on a Super Polaris mount, with a Canon DSLR hanging off
the back (IR filter removed). 

At exactly 18:00 hours I picked up the Moon in the Bino's and acquired it in
the scope seconds later. If I calculated correctly, the moon should have
been 13 hours 52 minutes old at that moment. 7 minutes later it set behind
the White Tanks. Moonset was about 18:18 or so. Here is a link to a couple
of the images;


Look Close it's there (click on image to enlarge).

One thing I realized after the fact was, I had been so caught up locating,
imaging and watching it in the eyepiece that I didn't think to make a solid
attempt to see it naked eye! Not that it was possible but the realization
dawned on me as I sat out there drinking in the twilight. Oh well, maybe
next time.  

Thank you,

Jimmy Ray

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