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We are planning on doing our White Mountains/Bishop Area Joint Star Party this 
August. (Thursday Aug 24 to Sunday Aug 27th) Maybe...depends on if we can get 
at least 10 people to go....  http://www.observingsites.com/ds_ca.htm   (Big 
Pine)  So far we have Dennis, Ara, Brad (maybe) Ellen and me. Jim Mahon 
http://www.lgscv.org/ is checking with his club to see how many are able to 
come this year. Grandview is a first come free camp so we need enough people to 
take over an area so people are not building fires around us.

About 6 years ago I came back from the GCSP and didn't take my scope out again 
for a couple weeks (monsoons) Jim invited me to drive out and join his clubs 
star party. We've been doing it ever since (except last year) as a joint star 
party. First couple years we had some smoke from fires west of the Sierra 
Nevada's and got rained and hailed on a couple times. If the weather is good 
and the fires are not too bad it's a better site then the Grand Canyon. (Jim 
may say the North Rim/Cape Royal is better) 

If you want to go with let me know. Got to get out of the damn monsoons. We 
used to have a great site at a group camp where we could control what went on 
but it was so good that they put radio telescopes in it. Combined Array for 
Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy (CARMA)  http://www.mmarray.org/   They 
offered us a tour if we come up. That's why we are going to Grandview 
Campground, we need to check out the new group camps and see what they are like.

If we go my plan is to leave Phoenix on Wednesday and camp for a night in Lone 
Pine (Boulder Creek Campground) http://www.395.com/bouldercreek/ about an hour 
south of Big Pine so I'm not all beat up the first night of observing. Then 
Sunday camp there again and drive back to Phoenix Monday. It's a 10 hour drive 
for me.

If you drive down the mountain to Big Pine there are showers and water (no 
water anywhere on the mountain) Whoever drives down makes an ice run.

See our website www.siriuslookers.org for a trip report. Also a link to Brad's 
for other trip reports.

"Wisdom denotes the pursuing of the best ends by the best means" Francis 
Hutchenson a Scot philosopher

Thom Walczak
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