[AZ-Observing] What do you use to make up an observing list?

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  • Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2015 22:01:42 -0700

Howdy all;

Well, I am working on the 2ed edition of Deep Sky Observing and I need
some input, please.

In the first version I spent some time talking about using Burnham's and
one or two other resources that are now out of print to create an
observing list.

So, my question is "what source to you use to create an observing list?"

I know some of you are working on a list from the Astronomical League
and some are using the SAC lists that AJ and I created all those years
ago. Do any of you use the handpaddle of your GOTO system to create a
listing to what to see? How about a planetarium program?

Anyone using a specific book as a source? Please provide name and

Thanks for any input you can provide;
Steve Coe
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