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  • Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 13:38:59 -0700

Isn't that the same as clicking on the little squares that takes you to
Environment Canada's animated sky transparency forecast maps?


> Bll Ferris wrote:
> > The Clear Sky Clock forecast predicts excellent 
> transparency for the AAMM 
> (http://cleardarksky.com/c/AllArznSPAZkey.html?1), Saturday 
> night. Looking at all the Arizona sites 
> (http://cleardarksky.com/csk/prov/Arizona_clocks.shtml), it 
> appears the northern half of the state is where to be for 
> observing, tonight, and the southern half on Saturday...
> I have pointed to this site on this list before, but it's 
> worth reiterating that Environment Canada's sky transparency 
> forecast maps are superior to the Clear Sky Clock when trying 
> to make geographical assessments.
> http://www.cmc.ec.gc.ca/cmc/htmls/transparence_e.html
> Go to the two sets of links for "Regional model, sky 
> transparency forecast for North America."  If it's between 11 
> a.m. and 9 p.m. MST, click on the Animation for 12 UTC.  
> Otherwise, use the 0 UTC for the latest animation.  These 
> maps give a better feel for the predicted movement of the 
> clouds than the Clear Sky Clock.
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