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AJ wrote:

Wil, here are my notes for the site:  General Crook Trail & Interstate
17, drive 25 mi. east, through Camp Verde, just after mile marker 242
where power lines cross highway, turn left (only way to turn) go past
fence [close gate] and take right fork in road to the large meadow;
estimated elevation 5000ft. Beware of the many flying insects during the


"Zane Grey Highway" is Chris Schur's name for the old name of the General Crook 
Trail, apparently from the 1980's, before=
 it was renamed.  The site is a meadow at about 6000', just at enough elevation 
to be among some ponderosa pine trees.  I=
t is a 'true dark' site in all directions but low south, of course.

During the day, there are many "no-see-um" bugs, which you can't see, but you 
know they're there the next day.  Another f=
eature from one experience was chiggers, which are the worst bug in Arizona, to 
my knowledge.  Ask Chris.


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