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i called the house last night and mary said u are not back till thurs. hope you 
had a great trip. i can hardly wait to talk to you. did you meet my friends 
from last year?

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Hi all,
Jenn and I went on an "eclipse cruise" that began in Beijing, and went out
o a spot near Iwo Jima for totality.  Weather has been cloudy nearly every
ay, but meteorology pro Alister Ling was able to guide the ship to a very
lear place for totality.
Jenn shot this picture with a fisheye lens.  It shows Venus easily, and
ercury (barely) at 1 o'clock from the eclipsed sun.  These planets were
pectacular visually, and Castor and Pollux pointed directly at the

 did my best with a 200mm lens, never looking through the viewfinder so I
ould take it in visually.  The one sort of unique image is this gross
verexposure, which faintly shows the larger maria on the moon, which was
xperiencing the brightest Earthshine possible at the time.

ore show and tell to come at the club meetings.
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