[AZ-Observing] Time-lapse of Callisto Eclipsing Ganymede this Morning

  • From: Tom Polakis <tpolakis@xxxxxxx>
  • To: AZ-Observing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2015 20:42:00 -0500

As we pass through the orbital plane of Jupiter's moons, there are plenty of 
mutual events, both occultations and eclipses.  The deepest and most favorable 
of these events occurred this morning, when Callisto's shadow covered more than 
80 percent of Ganymede.  The geometry was such that the distance between 
Callisto and Ganymede was 1.6 million miles at the time of the eclipse.

Seeing was very unsteady this morning, but I gave it a shot with the webcam 
this morning.  I used a 15-inch with a 2x Barlow lens, and further doubled the 
scale in the post-processing.  This time-lapse series runs 19 minutes, and used 
a 1-minute interval between the finished frames.  The shadow passed north of 
(above) center, which is evident in the sequence.

I'd complain more about the seeing conditions on this January night, but it 
could be worse; we could be in Buffalo.



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