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Outstanding Bob!


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Agreed Jeff, it was a wonderful evening and the attendees were most 

- and inquisitive.  
I showed some Sun spots, the Moon, and Saturn during daylight to the early 
arrivals (the seeing was uncharacteristically solid at this point).  A family 
had purchased a small scope for one of the children and I was able to correct 
its assembly and they were then able to view the Moon.  Aside from the "usual 
suspects" being shown at nightfall, I targeted a couple globulars and a galaxy 
as well.  Later on, I locked onto comet PANSTARRS and several SAC folk and a 
couple of attendees were able to pick out the really faint fuzzball.

Toward the end of the evening a gentleman spent some time with me discussing 
various astronomy topics and clearly knew what he was talking about.  He then 
said "when I discovered Hale-Bopp" and I immediately questioned him as to what 
he meant by the word "discover."  He then introduced himself: Dr. Thomas (Tom) 
Bopp.  In an instant the conversation became much more interesting.

Bob Christ  


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