[AZ-Observing] Re: [The Spirit of 33] All Az Star Party, OSS254, H1844, and a failed 37 Peg attempt.....

  • From: AJ Crayon <acrayon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 20:07:18 -0700

Thad and all who described the All Arizona Star Party - sounds like a good time
was had by all.

The double OSS254, aka WZ Cassiopeia, according to Hipparcos has a spectral type
of C5p (what ever that means) and is an unsolved variable that does not fall in
other categories.  I observed it my 8 inch (20 cm) back in '83.  Steve Coe was
also there along with some other observers.  I saw the double as blue and red!
Where the exclamination mark is from my notes indication, of course, great
excitement.  At the time I had been in astronomy for about three years.

Herschel 1844 has yet to be observed and, according to you notes, should be
added to my list.

Hope this helps,

Thad Robosson wrote:

> Hey all,
> Saturday, Oct 13th was the day I attended the All Arizona Star Party.  This

>  The last one I went for with
> this low power was a suggestion from Kansas City astronomer Richard Harshaw,
> the double star OSS254  and looked up h1844, another Harshaw
> suggestion.Thad

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