[AZ-Observing] Re: The Crab Nebula - Enhanced Hydrogen Comparison

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From: Richard Harshaw rharshaw2@xxxxxxx

>I thought it might be a tumbling rocket booster. Notice the dashes in the


Since tumbling space junk would cross that frame in seconds, it seems like
it would extend off the edges of the frame, or at least fade gradually into
the earth's shadow rather than abruptly end.  Since this is a multiple
exposure using a filter wheel, I thought that the "dashes" might be due to
the short delay between exposures while the filter is being changed. 
Whatever it is, in moved only a couple arcminutes in a couple hours of
exposure time.

Also, the Crab Nebula is close to the ecliptic, so there are a lot of
main-belt asteroids in the area.  It looks like the direction of motion is
roughly parallel to the ecliptic.


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