[AZ-Observing] Re: Thanks for the restraint

  • From: Tim Jones <tjmac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: az-observing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 22:06:46 -0700

Hi Steve,

By tracing the full path of the original, this definitely originated from 
someone claiming to be fester00@xxxxxxxxxxxx  However, there have been a number 
of hotmail accounts compromised over the months, and I suspect that your's is 
one of them.  I doubt that your system was responsible for actually sending the 
spam.  When was the last time that you changed your password?

For others, if you have email accounts at "free" providers like hotmail or 
yahoo, it's smart to get into a habit of changing your passwords on a random 
basis.  Also, it's a pain, but it's a very good idea to use different passwords 
at any sites that you have "secure" login accounts with.

One thing that you can also do if you are a recipient of many list mailings - 
when you receive an email that appears "off topic" or "too god o be true", 
hover your mouse pointer over any hyperlinks in the mail which are tempting you 
to click them.  Most mail apps will display the true site or email address in a 
help tag that pops up under the mouse pointer.  That way you can see that 
"www.twitter.com/account_suspended.html" actually points to 
http://265.1.342.89/stealmyaccountinfo.html which is not what you'll be led to 
think that it is (known as a phishing site).  If you're suspicious, manually 
type the "supposed" address into your browser's address field.  That lets you 
be sure that you're going to where you think you are.

Another tip that sometimes catches users is the use of CC: lists to send mail 
to multiple recipients.  If you are not using a mail list manager as used in 
the AZObserving list, do everyone a favor and use the BCC: option instead.  
That way, only the From: and To: fields are harvestable on an infected computer 
rather than the 30 other people to whom you sent the mail.

Hopefully, this will remind folks to be careful.  One wrong click is all it 
takes to potentially mess up a lot of folks' day.


On May 13, 2010, at 6:50 PM, Steve D. wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
>   I somehow got an email virus that spammed everyone on my contact list.  (I 
> suspect I got it from ABC15 when I entered to win an iPad.  It was the last 
> thing I did online before bed on Tuesday.)  When I woke up Wednesday, I had 
> dozens of bounced emails with the viagra sale link, plus some responses from 
> concerned friends.
>   Thanks Tim for pointing out the problem quickly, and telling everyone not 
> to click on the link.  I imagine you saved a lot of people a lot of trouble.
>   I performed the usual cleansing actions and appear to be virus free on my 
> desktop, (this computer), but have yet to clean my laptop.  (I need another 
> license for that one.)  I think a call to Norton Internet Security with a few 
> questions is in order...
>   Thanks.
> Steve Dodder
> Chairman, SAC Novice Group
> Coordinator, Grand Canyon 
> Star Party, North Rim
> Director, Stone Haven Observatory
> fester00@xxxxxxxxxxx
> http://www.stonehavenobservatory.com
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