[AZ-Observing] Supernova in NGC4424

  • From: Howard Anderson <handy13@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 18:17:46 -0700

I saw mention of a supernova in NGC4424.  Was finally able
to get a shot of it from my remote observatory in New Mexico
last night. 

It is here:  file:///E:/AAAstroshow/Galaxies.html

If you look on the internet using Google and look for images
of NGC4424 shot weeks or years ago, you see a pretty small,
non-descript fuzzy blob that is the galaxy.  Now it has a really
bright star just to the left of the center of the galaxy that
pretty much outshines the rest of the galaxy. 

I cropped this image greatly.

Spent most of the day writing a Visual Basic script to start
with a captured image (containing no significantly bright objects)
in Maxim DL and create an image from it containing ONLY
bad hot and bad dark pixels.  Used the resultant image
to create "Bad Pixel Maps" for the binnings I was using. 

Worked wonderfully well.

I can now automatically eliminate all of the red, green, and blue dots
that showed up in my processed images.  This was
a real break-through for me.  No more dithering required.
Totally solves the problem.  The bad pixels are now removed
automatically when the Calibration operation is invoked.

The other thing I ran down last night was that I was getting
light and dark horizontal bands in my images.  When I finally
thought to turn off the camera's fan, they went away!  So
now that I know what the source is I can deal with it.  I
am assuming that it can be resolved by replacing the fan
or by adding bypass capacitors.  Electrical noise for sure
generated by the fan.


Howard Anderson

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