[AZ-Observing] Re: Stupid computer (maybe operator)

  • From: Jim Warthman <jwarthmanlists@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: az-observing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 1 May 2012 21:00:50 -0700

I hope your file is back to "normal". Your story will help Mac users appreciate 
Time Machine. Once it's set up, it automagically keeps hourly backups for the 
past 24 hours,daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups for 
everything older than one month. Makes it simple to go back to a recent copy of 
a file you may have inadvertently messed up...




On May 1, 2012, at 7:22 PM, stevecoe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Stan and JD,
> I had already saved and exited the files I messed up and it was everything
> from Andromeda to Canis Major.  My only consolation is that I discovered
> it before Virgo or Vulpecula.
> Ken Sikes, once you mess with a computer there is no going back.  We did
> used to make observing lists on 3X5 cards.  Life was so simple.
> Dick Harshaw, I am afraid that Access is still over my head.  I don't need
> to learn a new program to screw things up.
> Clear skies and no "Disk Full" messages;
> Steve Coe
>> Or maybe just 1 second or less if the application Steve was working in
>> supports the CNTRL + Z which is "Undo"
>> Stan
>>> Well, it may have taken 25 seconds to correct!
>>> JD

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