[AZ-Observing] Re: Stupid computer (maybe operator)

  • From: Dan Heim <dan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 02 May 2012 08:45:50 -0700

Totally agree with Stan about MS Office becoming "bloatware." I'm still 
running Office 2000 and totally happy with it. I hate having to learn 
new tool bars for feature I never use. I did need to DL a plug-in so it 
could open those new *docx file formats, but at least it was free from MS.
I'm also still running SkyGlobe for my astronomy app (c) 1997. It was 
like $20 shareware, but does what I need. It won't guide a scope, but it 
creates accurate maps for any time or place. Plus, it was the first such 
app that allowed entry of the local horizon as a set of ordered pairs 
(azimuth, elevation). With Gavilan Peak just east of my home, rise times 
are delayed, but my local horizon overlay gives me a correction for that.


On 5/2/2012 7:38 AM, Stan Gorodenski wrote:
> I am still using a 15 year old WORD 97. I have WORD 2007 but it is more
> than I want and so I disable it when I load Office Home and Student.
> WORD 2007 has all these new features I never use that just bog it down,
> plus, for some odd reason, they had to drastically change the toolbar. I
> wonder what Einstein would think if alive today. He would have no time
> to "think" because of always having to relearn how to run a program.
> WORD 97 works good and I'll keep using it as long as it recognizes a
> printer. It seems to me Microsoft over develops things. WORD 2007 may be
> good for a business or large organization, but all these features are
> not necessary for someone like me.
> Stan

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